How To Personalize Online Learning

From offering lectures from instructors right on your computer screen to other new online learning systems, here are some tips for personalizing your online lessons.

Say you have someone in your family that is struggling with a learning disability. Maybe you have an adult daughter or a son that is struggling with literacy skills. Maybe you have a teacher or college professor who needs a hand with things. All of us have someone in our life who needs extra help from time to time. Let’s face it, no one is perfect in what they are doing. And that’s okay. Learning challenges are as normal as we all fall in and out of. They can be a good thing or a bad thing. But they need to be treated as they happen. That’s how learning challenges should be dealt with. But unfortunately, that’s not the way it is.

Online Learning

When you have a learning disability, you may need to be taught while doing something that you weren’t quite used to doing. For example, learning a new language is a great place to start. But for some people, it’s not quite a good fit. And for these people, a platform called Lumosity will likely do a good job of trying to teach them new things. This may work for some of us and not for others. The good news is that anyone can get involved.

Doing the Work For You

My son did homework with me for the last 15 years. He had been in a special education program in school. He struggled with reading. So we had a textbook. But he would have no idea what the inside pages were or what was on the outside. Not to mention he couldn’t really understand what we were reading at all. What if there was something we needed to teach him and we couldn’t figure out how to teach him. Well, let’s face it, this could be your kid. It could be your grandmother. It could be you. The good news is that there are resources online that help these kinds of teachers.

Online Learning Platforms

Google has the Tuteo platform. This platform works with students that have been diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder. They are helped through doing a series of videos that talk about “rules” for learning at a certain grade level. Additionally, this platform also helps teachers. So this platform has the ability to help children and educators with ADHD better understand this disorder. So it may be a good resource for teachers who need help with students who may have an Attention Deficit Disorder. And most of all, it gives teachers another resource for the day.

You can also try Duolingo. I’ve used this platform many times in the past. Duolingo is for students who want to learn languages. But the thing is that students learn so much more. I recently switched from French to German and it felt like a completely different experience. I have struggled so much with language. This online platform was definitely a savior. You can also use Duolingo to learn English. And you can do that with specific grades and skills.

YouTube and other Online Videos

There are so many other video platforms that you can choose from. Some of these online platforms allow you to see the video before it is played. And you can open a browser tab and watch the video on your computer. Then you can click a “Watch Later” button that the provider creates. So don’t feel like you need to come across every video at the very same time. This would really help for you and your child. Just ask us if that kind of setup works for you and your child.

Online Learning Platforms are helpful for all of us that have learning challenges. But we have to do our part by using these resources. And as a parent, you have to take care of your child. These online resources can help out a great deal. But if you have any question or concerns, talk to your child’s teacher or teacher’s representative. Most schools will help teachers if they know the situations are good.

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