How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows

Learn how to protect your files with this simple download for Windows.

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows

Maybe you just don’t trust yourself to properly lock up your files. Maybe you want to keep information safe and can’t really understand what a password is. Or maybe you hate having to remember them and want to rely on Windows for their protection. Whatever the reason, here are some quick tips to help you:

Here are some easy methods to protect your Windows documents:

Called the “Apple Finder” on Windows 10, this feature does exactly what it sounds like—it opens the Finder on your computer, and you can type in a password to protect documents. Type it in to the right on your keyboard and press the little password key: you can also click the File menu icon and select “More Settings.” You can also go to Control Panel > Security > Password. From there, you will be presented with the same options as Apple Finder, and choose “Disable Password.”

You can use the same password as the “Apple Finder” on Windows 10 to protect your files.

Next, it’s very simple to let Windows password protect your folders: when you “Get Found” in the Settings menu, you will be given three different options: regular, public and secret. The latter option is only accessible by double-tapping and entering a password.

Click the “Show More Privacy Settings” button on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, which will take you to a screen with two options. If you have selected “Secret,” you’ll see an option in the Top 3 menu.

Click the “On This PC” icon, and you’ll be shown a list of all the computers in your current Windows setup—or, if you don’t have one, click the “Why?” option in the top right-hand corner. You’ll then be able to look up your computer’s model number by scrolling down the list of options, which will then show the year of the computer (you must select a different year with each computer). Click on the year and you will see a list of the computers that Windows can protect you from, including your own. Enter a password to unlock your computer and access the folder.

This has been a great way to lock down a folder on Windows since 2010—it’s completely foolproof. Make sure you use a password, however, so others can’t access it.

And one more:

If you’ve got Windows 10, you can always use the “WinKey” to help unlock your computer (when you accidentally close your Windows account) or for printing documents.

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