How To Maximise Learning In Online Groups

When I was starting out in the world of teaching, I noticed that many people preferred to go online to talk about their kids’ days or challenges. While I think it’s fine to have constructive interactions in such chatrooms, I suggest that the online experience be kept private, as this isn’t how learning is meant to be done.

The Internet is pretty good at allowing people to connect. But sometimes online conversations veer off into the shady.

From scams and spammers to peer pressure to being bombarded with pornography, getting the best learning from online groups can be a balancing act. There are several things people can do to make the best possible use of group discussion.

Hook ‘Em Up With Non-Discriminatory Search Browsing

Ask – Searching for a category of topic or set of groups on any site like Google could be fraught with problems. Our Webmaster’s Guide has one solution that’s pretty easy and highly accurate.

For example, search for the following language on the Google homepage: “Ask this page about the topic.”

For broken Google, we can add our webmaster’s guide as the navigational symbol with a y to the search. For minor site snafus, the More Google search page can be used.

The goal is to get searchers to speak about the topic from your own page and then return to ask that users select the own relevant group on Google for the discussion that the user asked.

Norton Account Manager Bill Collins shared a quick and easy step on how to get popular search indicators to your website page. This will make your bookmarks a key navigation cue to your webmaster’s guide.

A perfect example of optimizing natural search behavior can be seen below at which our online group helps our group ask for more traffic on the web. With a simple search like “How to get traffic” on Google, our group started to ask for more traffic on their website in order to increase revenues.

Legatum Institute

This facilitated them to answer back with an easy to use and effective online conversation about how you can figure out how to increase revenues from sites and even yourself.

In a Google group conversation, one person will search what others are saying and can lead to a lot of technical corrections. In turn, it could lead to another person who can comment. Over time, this interaction can help to educate others about how to increase the pages traffic and participation in these group discussions.

We know that some people will be comfortable sharing with many people in a group. For example, as shown in the graph below, there was a group conversation about SEO, Analytics, and CMS all within a single community.

Also, Don’t Keep People On The Clock

The question of keeping people on the clock when talking about things is an age old problem for group discussions online.

On Reddit and other social community sites, people tend to see how much time has been wasted, feeling pressure to move on after a certain amount of time has passed.

In the webmaster’s guide, the real goal is to understand the real purpose of these comments, and the changes they could lead to online to obtain the greatest benefit for you and your business.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that the community is discussing “Onions”, which was a very popular topic mentioned in the first online group. A discussion about Google had begun, and by one of the examples below, the conversation faded into thin air and it wasn’t heard until a later day.

The gist is to use this type of external communication to get a higher quality of mindshare for your website. For example, if you are attending a local event in Chicago, let people know beforehand that your site is very popular because of the store’s engagement with the audience.

More than 70 percent of respondents in a Knowledge Corridor study carried out by Trustev, said that topics around driving up search engines are most important to them in terms of making a purchase decision.

Here’s a good conversation about SEO that was a joint effort between HubPages and

Why does SEO need to be covered on your website? There are many reasons.

First off, SEO is highly related to the Digital Shift or Adoptive Marketing and has a growing role on and behind your web page.

Additionally, as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat, AskLee, and Telegram have successfully changed the game on your site, taking SEO, social and content marketing into account as the rule of social media engagement.

When questions like “How can I achieve the level of social engagement I want?”, “How can I get more conversions?”, “How can I drive revenue?”, and more are treated as questions in this way, they can build the confidence of customers towards you and your site.

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