How To Make Syllabus Learning Activity For Online Class

How to have genuine connection and enhance your learning experience with real-life problems.

For any good class, having a “hashtag” (#spotted) after your name is a surefire way to get the attention of all your peers. The same idea can be done in a fun way for online classes by having your classmates know what your goals are for that week’s online lesson. If the focus of the class is handling questions or don’t you have to do something with real life–maybe you’re head of a club or a fundraiser–your classmates might help you navigate that. With any luck they’ll keep up with you when you hit week’s end and send a nice pick-me-up note saying, “Congrats on your success!” or something else that will encourage you to continue moving on to that next step. Here’s how to use hashtags for your online class.

1. Identify a hashtag that you want your classmates to know.

It doesn’t have to be a specific hashtag. Everybody is important in this class, so you could write “stay strong now” or “there is still hope.” As long as the idea of the hashtag doesn’t appear out of the blue, they should start following it. In fact, let your #spotted hashtag be a reminder for yourself, too. Everyone in the class is an ally you can talk to for support.

2. Add a hashtag each week when you use it in class.

When you implement your #spotted hashtag in class, make sure that at least one other student also has that hashtag when they write their homework assignments in class. You can do this through your administrator or individual professor if it’s appropriate. Just be sure you don’t interrupt each other too much.

3. When you write in class, add a short #spotted note saying what happened the week and what you’re still doing for that class.

When you write a note for class, you might be tempted to “climb Mount Everest” that week–even if you don’t plan to. That is not an option. Instead, add a simple #spotted note to help your classmates who are also stuck for that week know that you are motivated, determined and focused for what you have to do.

4. Pare down your tweets to once per week to make it easy to see.

If you’re using Twitter, make sure you find a way to include a three-second video in your weekly #spotted tweet. This way it takes about the same amount of time to view your tweets, and everyone will know there’s something interesting to see in your hashtagged tweets.

5. #Spotted Fridays

Occasionally, you might want to see if your classmates have #spotted an activity they’ve recently done that they really enjoyed. It’s a great way to share your progress.

6. #Spotted Tuesdays

If your hashtag is #spotted Tuesdays, let everyone know that you did something fun for this class the past week. For example, @bucketsofplay has tweeted that he would have been surprised to know that 45 students signed up for art class. Whatever it is, make sure you let everyone know and it will help spread the word for whatever lesson you’re teaching next week.

7. #Spotted Thursdays

If you want to share news of a major accomplishment with your classmates, let everyone know. For example, @swanedance20 has tweeted that he passed English and that he is ready to study Global Language. It’s a good way to talk about a good accomplishment so everyone can be proud of you and congratulate you.

8. #Spotted Mondays

On Mondays, you might have a long week of assignments ahead of you. Sometimes, the answer to that pile is, “Nope, can’t.” That can be discouraging to your classmates and you. Use #spotted Mondays to inform them you’re having a really good week, and that it’s okay to keep progressing through your assignments. Then on Fridays, use #spotted Fridays to connect with your colleagues about your class so they know you’re feeling supported.

9. #Spotted Thursdays

Sometimes, your #spotted could indicate that you hit a real-life goal and are feeling more positive about yourself and your activities. Let your peers know about it and reward yourself with an accomplishment of your own.

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