How To Make Online Learning Successful

Money Talks News Editor Alexander Schmitz shares five straightforward ideas that will help you navigate the complicated waters of online learning.

Sometimes you have a degree you can’t actually use and other times you’re just trying to get on a fast track to a master’s or whatever it is you need to master. It’s a difficult but necessary process to take to pursue that goal. You may be running out of ideas to see if what you’re hoping to accomplish is attainable. If you feel yourself holding back online learning due to feeling overwhelmed by the curriculum, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips to help you become a productive instructor.

Create Curriculum

You may be thinking that a short video would be the right solution. Yes and no. Video seminars or video course are a great way to support and teach your students. But like any tool in your toolkit, you must be using it in the right manner. There are just too many things to choose from that you’re tempted to overload them into a hardbound book of information. Even if all you ever have are books in your course at the end of each semester, you must rework them to effectively use the resources they contain. If you find yourself writing paper after paper, that’s a red flag and indicates you’re not doing a good job with your content.

Take Study Outside The Classroom

You can’t fully prepare and learn without going over material while you’re in class. This can either be done during class hours or without. Just find the locations you want to revisit and arrange for teachers to share information at those times. Attending a seminar may also help you to simplify the material and create more original lessons that offer richer insight. Taking the study offline is a great way to help you master all of the content at a faster rate. Besides, you can keep up with your students on campus while taking classes for the more demanding knowledge needed for your degree.

Stick To Your Campuses

While attending a seminar only lends you a great angle of being able to spend time with your students, if you fail to utilize all the resources within your local college your students will end up learning very little. Your campus is where you spent six years building relationships and can provide a great foundation to build on. The flexibility and convenience of online learning is where a lot of the benefits are. But keeping your students in mind is just as important as treating them as individuals. Unless you have an effective lesson plan and a way to stay connected, it’s hard to prove your worth to your students.

Go Beyond Just an Exam

Taking the questions from your seminar and creating it into a video course will make you feel more capable of the subject matter. At the same time, you must be flexible to change coursework depending on the questions, topics and questions that your students come up with on their own. It’s your job to learn everything as much as possible. If you don’t even keep your fingers on the pulse of what your students are learning, you can be sorely mistaken about the kind of impact you are making.

Stop Blaming Yourself

In order to be a successful instructor online, you must take the time to know yourself and where you are headed. Remember that nothing happens all by itself, you must be a big part of the process. When you’re struggling, especially if it’s significant, stop blaming yourself. This will help you to feel confident that everything will work out and realize that you’re not alone in wanting more than just the same basic thing.

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