How To Make Online Learning Easy For Teens

Teens can learn just about anything they want to via their favorite platforms. Whether it’s coding, sewing, or writing, they’re learning an awful lot of skills with their unique personalities.

How To Make Online Learning Easy For Teens

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in our technological history. When smartphones became available to us years ago, we all became a part of that new era of our lives that allowed us to share pictures of our day and read text messages on our devices. The ability to communicate all without a human face has made us a society that is more connected than ever before. While it seems as though there is a constant feeling of digital addiction, today technology is omnipresent. New advancements in wireless devices and apps are changing our lives in a number of ways. There are also various new ways to pick up an education through the internet, including school books and online courses. While this practice is not new, it is becoming increasingly common.

Teens And The Learning Process

In order to better understand how today’s students cope with the challenges of school work online, we spoke with Randi Riechel, Psychologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and author of the forthcoming book Pediatric Pedi-That!, a child and adolescent diagnostic manual and behavioral analysis. While there are numerous sources that describe how current adolescents feel about their education process, Riechel is uniquely qualified to speak on their experiences due to her counseling expertise.

As a parent and an educator, Riechel is familiar with the day-to-day management of multiple age groups. This ability helps her to best observe and help her patients process learning via an interactive approach. This includes computers and phones that can handle the fundamentals of a curriculum. Riechel explains how this works in terms of the communication between the teacher and the student.

“[The student] is handed the materials and the tasks and the books and the online stuff. What we can see is that very quickly the student has this student,” says Riechel. “[They are] excited to learn, very excited to complete the assignment. This is one of the positive aspects of this technology. The students don’t have to be notified of this new learning technology.”

This especially works well when the student has a learning disability or other lack of focus and concentration. “For example, in a moderate concentration, a high reading level. Something like, well, I want to write a letter. Can I? Then I can do that. Can I use that grade point average on this email,” explains Riechel. “As long as the teacher helps with homework help, as long as she is offering help with this user based learning, then the students will be able to use the application to fill in the gaps.”

The Power Of Tech

Modern technology such as tablets, smart phones, and personal computers offer numerous benefits for students that would be too great to take advantage of. There are benefits in terms of distance learning, flexibility and, perhaps the greatest reason to use an app or e-book application: because the technology is now more powerful. According to Riechel, the netbooks that teens were using a few years ago could not get the job done.

“In general, these people would have to be on a computer for an hour at a time to receive the learning information,” explains Riechel. “The modern laptops, like Chromebooks, they can be utilized by students for up to eight hours, so it does give them more time to learn, and that’s wonderful.”

The way in which students navigate via a laptop or computer is quite seamless. It is almost like having an external monitor at home. Riechel explains how this allows students to learn quicker and faster. There are few awkward steps in the process, such as opting to break out the phone or not choosing to do homework online. She says, “It is much less complicated than in the old days, and I think it is just the software there that helps. In the old days, it was almost too easy.”

The freedom and flexibility that students gain from learning via modern technology has made it easier for teens to fully participate in their lives and not have to feel guilty about missing school or leave their homes. Rather than let an electronic device distract them from learning, students are able to focus more deeply on studying and are no longer stuck behind their peers. With the newfound tools, they can learn, apply skills and excel on their own time, rather than being burdened by the whims of school schedules or weather conditions.

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