How To Make Learning Activity For Online Class English

How To Make Learning Activity For Online Class English

You may have learned at home to decode what others have written. Or maybe you learned to read from a child. Knowing how to read and write well is the foundation for success in life and in school.

In order to give your students a better chance at doing just that, make sure they are engaged in nonverbal reading and writing projects and that they receive help.

The Blocking Blocks For Success

Who doesn’t hate “flattening” of English, the tendency of most students to return to a key or small area of English to indicate where they wish to go next, or perhaps to the word “to” or “for.” Even the word “math” can become bolded to indicate a tired or tired skill. Whatever the case may be, it is your job to help students through periods of reading, writing, and critically thinking – as usual. But here are some resources to help students overcome blocks when it comes to English comprehension.

Make learning English interactive!

With technology, online and live classes, and fun activities, students can experience the benefits of a rich, engaging English.

Whether it’s an adult’s digital and print class or online classes, or simply a fun game, students can learn in a more interactive way.

Start With Impressions

Look for a writing lesson that focuses on placing images, photos, or graphics to establish an emotional base for vocabulary. In the screenshot above, hand the writer a section of text with a close-up of a tree-line and note how it relates to the writer’s sentence.

Alternatively, some students may like to view pictures, audio, and videos that link physical objects and literature to build understanding. The series of dropdown menu options of this video teaches about where words come from.

Academic Strategies

Above, you see some key barriers to success for English learners in general. These are valuable learning strategies to help students overcome blocks during their courses.

Drive Fluency

How does your student speak English? Have you tried to assess their language level with this tool?

How they enter written work, how they turn the pages, and how they navigate their texts can be key issues for many students.


The key subject during oral exam is their opinions. Think of it as an open form of text communication, with people speaking from their point of view.

Choosing Your Topics

What do you think your students should be focusing on? What topics do you think they should be spending their time on? Who do you want to test?

Ask your students to talk about their thoughts and ideas with you. Then give them to their teacher.

An Exercise to Improve Interpreting

Here’s an example of a learning activity that you can use to improve students’ English and interpretive skills. Notice how each piece of text (no matter the written word) is different from the other. As you try to find similarities, add more information, and add contrast. Describe how things you see and hear can bring about a difference. Are the words in this sentence not meaningless words in which the context couldn’t be possibly be significant to the writer? If not, why not?

Choose a More Complex Word to Put on

The Internet provides so many options for words. For someone who struggles with reading and writing, keep a close eye on the newest words in English and find the ones that someone can’t understand. Use these words to your advantage. Put another one on and see if your student can decipher it.

Use Results and Engagement to Improve Your Students’ Recognition and Success

How many of your English learners are studying for or have exams. Is this what you’re interested in reading?

What are some ways to draw a link between the content they are learning in class and real-world application? Do they have an interest in whatever the class covers?

Audits can really help students learn, but they may also be a way to discourage slower learners who don’t know the material to go right back into the book. What makes your students most engaged or why do they know so little?

Additional Learning Resources

The teaching system and course materials can be found online or offline. At the end of the day, teach students to play to their strengths and complete their tasks with effort.

Nizan Middleton is a Project Manager at a Dallas-based real estate company and has lived, studied, and worked in Africa and South Asia.

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