How To Make Friends Online Learning Anorher Language

Relate learning Spanish can be a challenge. Here are some ways you can start gaining and keeping in touch with your Spanish friends online.

How To Make Friends Online Learning Anorher Language

A growing number of college students are taking courses online—an education trend that has been growing in both popularity and cost, since eduCBA Education Inc., the creators of course-lending platform eduCBA, found that 44 percent of online students who applied for its inaugural cohort are still pursuing courses online a year later.

These universities have learned that providing resources and activities that nurture students’ interest in topics of interest to them has more impact than just offering courses online. Students also wish to continue interacting with classmates and faculty members throughout the semester so that they have an experience that is as familiar and comfortable as their own lives. In such cases, online learning isn’t just about attending lectures; it’s about creating a context where interaction is part of the experience.

Students can learn at their own pace. Students may choose to study for their summer final exams while waiting for the semester to end. They may choose to take a sequence of courses to develop a career or make plans for their next step—something that many use in real-world settings for work experience or marketable skills. Because interactive online learning doesn’t fit into a classroom environment—no real one-to-one interaction takes place between students and instructors—it may be possible for students to learn faster online. As they are working toward mastery of course content, they are also able to create context for the curriculum. For example, students may make small assignments for their classmates or ask for their help with information or technique they need to learn.

Students engage in conversations on social media. Students develop an online identity by joining groups or joining online communities. These communities offer students an opportunity to make friends with other students in the same classes and learn about topics of interest to them. A new, personal online identity allows students to expand their professional networks and increase their chances of finding work after graduation. The academic experience at an online institution often relies heavily on online resources, so it makes sense that students are adept at taking advantage of the latest online networking opportunities.

When students are reading textbooks and completing assignments online, they are exposed to interactive activities that are designed to support understanding and practice of how to solve problems, solve for negatives, and communicate effectively. Conversations—the five-way conversations online that foster vocabulary, cultural background, and experiences—are also highly engaged online activities, and they can help build trust and friendship. Furthermore, because of the large variety of available courses, students also tend to get to know and understand each other better, which makes campus interactions more connected and personal.

Online learning can help participants accumulate life-long skills and deepen their understanding of life’s lessons. Not only do online courses provide students with material relevant to careers after graduation, but they also provide students with a chance to gain skills in negotiation, critical thinking, communication, and computer science, as well as position themselves for specific jobs—industries such as marketing, finance, medical research, and legal work.

To effectively teach classes, professors need to think outside the textbook and begin conversations with students that bring real-world problems to life. Online learning offers an opportunity for students to learn together as a community, and online interaction offers professors a way to talk to students about the breadth of knowledge and skills that they will need to teach in an environment that is enjoyable and accessible to them.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the CMO at eduCBA Education Inc. and is a leading digital marketer and public speaker on digital education and business success. Debbie has over 20 years of business and marketing experience, and she continues to learn about how technology can help companies build relationships with an engaged and engaged workforce.

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