How To Learn Machine Learning Online

Natural language processing is the engine behind a lot of speech recognition technology.

How To Learn Machine Learning Online

BOLT, the Proactive Learning Platform, provides an ongoing immersive learning experience for education and training. The platform develops its learning methodologies, algorithms, and curriculum according to newly published research. It aims to develop the skills to enter the global workforce.


Bolt’s co-founder and CTO, Arthur Wyckoff, established the company to provide the online delivery of advanced analytics training methods for analytics analysts, embedded designers, software developers, and system administrators.

The current model consists of two different sub-sites, called Bolt Consulting and Bolt Consult, with over 120 individual training modules. Bolt even supports 16 languages.

Through this, Bolt aims to implement the technologies and professional skills that benefit learning in any language.

The multiple sub-sites allow Bolt to fully span the world and to provide a broad range of resources. The training is organized in daily workshops, where students can actually experience the setting.

According to Wyckoff, BOLT provides employees with the complete workplace knowledge they need to move up the ranks, and builds resilience.

For example, Bolt provides motivation for increased productivity. The platform also engages the students through reviews and feedback opportunities.

Bolt plans to further develop in the near future by engaging advanced analytics professionals from organizations who want to improve their skills, and train potential new employees.


Launched in January, 2018, Bolt is funded by JAFCO through Bread & Butter. Bolt hopes to receive the necessary funding in the future to complete its product development.

In the meantime, Bolt is asking for further funding to enable it to recruit effective staff. Bolt is not too close to profitability yet, so the company is expanding its staff and processing salary packages to attract good candidates.

Bolt is currently setting up new sites and hiring for positions in production and infrastructure. The company is also continuing to adapt existing courses and continue producing new courses in key areas.

Bolt is preparing to enter new projects using Bolt Professional, which is the company’s comprehensive virtual learning solution. Bolt Professional is the data-driven learning platform for HR professionals, executive assistants, and other data-driven professionals. It aims to enhance the user’s learning curve and to ease the learning process.

The platform allows users to custom make learning solutions for different personal circumstances. Bolt Professional is compatible with a variety of training methods, as well as a wide variety of learning platforms, e-learning methods, and virtual libraries.

Bolt provides various mobile apps, such as Bolt Online and Bolt Mobile, for training and assessments. Bolt Professional allows users to custom tailor their training for their own needs.

About Bolt

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Bolt is an organizational technology hub that focuses on teaching and learning. Bolt is a global learning solutions business founded in 2013 by Choung Lee in a partnership with Entrepreneur’s Development Corp. (EDC).

EDC funded Bolt to start the business, providing Bolt with the necessary resources. Bolt was able to launch its online learning platform, Bolt Pro, in October, 2016.

Bolt is dedicated to developing next-generation cognitive solutions, analytics, and mobile productivity. Bolt looks at the actual research of education.

Bolt is working on advancing the dialogue on how to build an intelligent economy. Bolt offers easy-to-use software tools to change the workplace and the world.

This project is funded by startup funding, venture capital investments, and sustained PR and marketing. Bolt has been a featured feature in VentureBeat, Venture Capital, Entrepreneur, WIRED and of course, Business Insider. Bolt is still an early stage company, so there is no guarantee of continuing funding support.

For more information about Bolt, visit

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Want to know more about Bolt? You can learn more on the company website. The BOLT “Cutting Edge Skilled Workers at $48K” newsletter is an extension of Bolt’s educational community, and is currently seeking contributors.

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