How To Increase Engagement Online Learning

Venture@Joule recently posted an article titled, “How To Increase Engagement Online Learning,” in which they explore a number of tips on how to better engage people online.

When it comes to social learning these days, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where people don’t want to “share” and participate. Social media is becoming increasingly common in the classroom as instructors and schools look to boost their bottom line by reaching out to students and students of students.

Of course this type of sharing is quite ubiquitous and we spend a lot of time interacting online, Facebooking, tweeting, Instagramming and taking other forms of sharing in order to keep in touch with friends and our family. Nowadays, we use social media to learn, too.

Each semester, many of my university classmates and I engage in online social learning. (Conversations on Facebook, Instagram, texting, etc.) I use a number of tools in order to keep these conversations going. Here are a few tips for increasing online engagement:

1. Embrace Interactivity

When you allow your students to “like”, “retweet”, and share your posts, you are pushing them to interact with one another and learn in a social way. No long form courses required. Instead, you let students get the basic information in the form of an engaging post that the students want to read. With these post options, both students and instructors can get involved and get feedback.

2. Let Your Students Be You

Instagram gives you the best platform to change the persona of a persona. As long as you are engaging and listen to your students comments they are willing to help you improve. Take their feedback, use it and post in a new way to create conversation. Always open up your social media activities by responding to their comments, they will feel more connected and they are more likely to take it seriously.

3. Host Self-Organized Exercises

The best way to build motivation and interest in your students is by hosting online activities that they can participate in. Make it simple and short so that they don’t have to stop what they are doing to take part. I often host live webinars on my computer and have my students opt in to take part. We have one as long as they can be patient and look up prior to the live session. If they are willing to donate some money, all is not lost for them since they don’t need to pay to get in.

4. Connected Students, Connected Professors

Of course you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of online platforms to manage, connect, and guide your students along with various languages. One of the biggest mistakes I see instructors make is leaving students in the dark, if they are not sure about the platform or it’s for a variety of purposes, and then not making it easy for them to know what to do.

Faculty should be teaching students in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German, Afrikaans, Finnish, Spanish, and many more. Assign your students to post about lessons, grammar and punctuation (yes you may have to read through that in your social media skills boot camp for Intro to English), then refer back to them after the lesson so they can give you feedback. No one wants to help an instructor but when it’s a science class, he or she should have help students figure out an online lesson or they are not absorbing the information they are learning so that they can effectively be on the reading assignments.

Online education is becoming more and more common. Now, more than ever you need to join in on the discussion and collaborate with your students. This is the perfect opportunity to earn more money while earning an education and if you are having trouble understanding what your students will or will not like, here is a tried and true learning experiment for you.

I have one and a half months left on my social media boot camp and this is going to be my 3rd edition of both online classes and my virtual classroom in my virtual classroom. Here are some insights you can share on your blog, LinkedIn and Facebook which can help your students who you have going through online learning.

Finally, a final note for my students who need help, please click on the discussion board and request that I talk to you. This will be the last time I will post a course for this semester, so please show you and your teachers some love.

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