How To Hack Carnegie Learning Online

Look for sites that grant you the virtual equivalent of physical reprieve in our comprehensive guide to online schooling.

How To Hack Carnegie Learning Online

Online education is more popular than ever and demand for quality, affordable online degree programs is rising. Attendees of the NET2000: Global Student Union, an online university, held their annual summit in Las Vegas in August, where former first lady Hillary Clinton presented a digital careers-education platform. If you’re looking to pursue a digital degree and are not comfortable with traditional online classes, it may not be possible to secure a slot on one of these huge degrees. But there are some great online learning options available. If you can brave online classes, here are some tools to use for a safer and faster college journey.

1. Carnegie Learning online

When it comes to online learning, these two companies have long been experts. Carnegie Learning (formerly Pearson Online) has been building interactive courses, assessment platforms, and student support programs for the online education market since 1998. Both have a strong track record and have focused their attention on developing immersive virtual learning environments that are designed to allow students to master and build knowledge — and to succeed while going at it.

2. Kapitall

Kapitall is a workforce strategy and coaching platform that directly links students and employers in real time for productive career opportunities. Using large-scale data analytics, Kapitall helps users grow their career skills and connects with key careers experts on campus. The company’s employer-focused approach provides an open door for employers to reach out to job candidates with qualifications.

3. Wakefield

Gone are the days when college students were required to work part-time jobs in order to earn money. Today, students are conditioned to work during their school breaks as well as during the school year. But even though jobs exist throughout college, students aren’t always provided with enough guidance or support during their working hours. Wakefield hopes to change that with an online learning platform designed to boost learning performance and engagement with employers.

4. MyCollege

MyCollege was created to simplify the process of finding a personalized college and staying there for the long haul. The site has more than 7,000 colleges, an online community of students, an admissions and financial aid platform, and tooltips and tips for students as they prepare for future internships and jobs.

5. MC2 College Picks

MC2 College Picks helps you choose your college or university of choice based on a survey of online colleges and universities across the country. It uses peer research and criteria to help you find the college, university, or institution that best fits your personal and professional needs. MC2 College Picks gives you options for qualifying colleges and universities with different scope and size categories.

6. Spout

Learn as you earn by learning courses taught by professors from elite universities at a fraction of the cost. Spout’s interactive platform offers courses created by experts in the field. Its Open Courseware system is free and an additional revenue stream for higher education institutions.

7. Spokeo

Spokeo is a person-based intelligence company that works with companies and colleges to optimize the completion rate for their courses. Your name is used when you register as a student or a credit seeker in a course. Spokeo tracks your interest in that course and other courses at the university so they can optimize course completion. They then use the data to give you an algorithmed message that recommends classes, which have the highest likely success, to students with the highest interest.

8. LifeScore

This platform is the brainchild of TechCrunch and is a one-stop-shop for students’ life and performance data, including grades, courses, athletics, employment, earnings, savings, and more. It helps you get the smart information you need to make decisions in your educational journey and help you find the school and university that is right for you.

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