How To Get The Most Out Of Online Learning

Here’s a fresh way to add value to your teaching portfolio.

Has online learning been a game changer for educational opportunities? More and more people are looking for courses and even major schools are offering online offerings.

Learning is becoming the focus at a higher frequency. In 2015 when Obama was in office, he released his report called the “Race to the Top”. This report discussed the learning environment and as education shifting in many areas we saw online education and the STEM-focused areas take a larger meaning. As studies emerged around how online learning could be valuable as an alternative to brick and mortar schooling. They discussed the different responses. Those that were saying, “Great, we will save so much money”, the other side thought that this was yet another way to make education cost prohibitive and not available to people that needed it. I personally could not care less about the differences, and have had the same experiences for several years now.

There are stories of a couple people that didn’t make it into a “green” course for a STEM related program due to lack of financial means. As these people prepared for such a thing they had the opportunity to be a part of “Experiential Learning” which is a six week program that brings students into real life scenarios to create and work with a real product or service. The students do most of the learning remotely. You may or may not believe this to be a better experience but it is certainly better to have a child or grandchild do something for as much money as they would pay to enroll in a course. Let us not forget that in the real world, it is not as if the student is physically sitting in front of a desk or in a computer room. They are literally out into the world getting some face time.

Online classes have continued to grow with high schools expanding or being forced into offering the classes. Today there are some high schools which do not have a high school resource officer and no one is monitoring the adult learning environment. This is a large problem that is getting many attention in schools and community agencies all across the country. The public needs to see the benefit that a high school program can have in the form of greater grad rates, the decreased chance of dropping out, and more understanding. Would you like to give the cyber program a try? No? Well, maybe why not join a GED class in your region or seek out an online class? The choices are all over the place. The average course cost is around $200. It is likely that you might not be able to afford it. Maybe you might qualify and would like to just give it a try and possibly pay little or nothing towards it. Let us know what you think and if you think the advice in this article might be something you want to consider.

There is a formality that needs to be filed. If you are absolutely committed to online learning and education, this is probably a good introduction for you to think about. If online courses are what you desire then yes, this type of article is probably suitable for you. If you are just a learning plant looking for more ideas to get you moving in that direction then you might be better off using this strategy for information you are already looking for. Who knows, it could be something you need as you research to see if you should get a “license” or get past the first hurdle.

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