How To Get Started With Oil Painting Learning Online

An online art lesson series teaching you to create your own oil paintings.

How To Get Started With Oil Painting Learning Online

Longtime oil painters are the object of many types of affection, a fan of the past will wax nostalgic when reminiscing about the days of wooden tools and scrap books and metal-gloved hands. A true master could create exquisite work in oils—one of the most highly durable media still practiced today. Yet, the culture of paints doesn’t quite hang as fine as it does for more recent disciplines, like computer graphics.

A lot of the artists in the game today learn in traditional ways, knowing almost nothing about the need for control and to be “on” with every stroke. Often, the true masters were precursors to this digital era, providing basic steps for teaching directly to the public. So let’s dive into some ground breaking websites that every oil painter should visit to get down and dirty with it all. Here’s a quick slideshow explaining what I mean. Enjoy!

Layers by JD

Layers by JD is a mighty resource that promises to get straight to the heart of the paint process, really decoding what happens in real time as one artist hits the brush and a circle appears on the canvas. It’s a lovely tool to pick up, especially if you spend a lot of time on the street outside before and after work letting the wind mold your work to a site for painting or just occasionally wandering to where art will be for sale. So if you’re in the environment, let JD do the heavy lifting. Right now, the bundle of Layers by JD online training is 10 months in length. There are hours available in a few completely different, and sometimes humorous, videos. Always be aware that you will have to commit to a project to learn the full material, but the basic features of the site work just fine.

Getting Started with Painting Online

Here’s a place to get quick practical examples and printable materials to help you get started. Prices are right.

Doodles by Talita Martin

Don’t discount the power of a homemade colorbox. It makes for beautiful art, whether you’re making it, exploring abstract expressionism, painting a warm geometric design in a gooey blend, or simply covering your cat playing and hiding under a rusting garage door. Just a couple of quality frames like this and you’re off to the races. Head to the website and dive in quickly. There are printable templates for every topic from physical formats to more complex lab coats and leafy plant creations.

The 75 Second Oil Paintation by Harumi Nikumoto

This online course can kick off any aspiring painter’s development with a myriad of exercises to get you started. The starting point for oil painting is to learn the paint plane basics and free up all the other frustrating muscle uses until you can focus on composition. It’s very motivating, especially if you’re starting out and are feeling lost. If you choose to do this course through Talita’s website, the cost is reasonable and all materials are in one place. There’s more information from Talita and a link to the course site here.

The 80 Minute Oil Painting Fundamentals by Peter Rajkonen

A delicious meal also should include one of these great oils painting tutorials. TLC Touch is an online teacher that demonstrates that paint has not only staying power, but a hunger to be nourished as you color out the images and paint over top of yourself. With these tips you will take home a fully-fledged professional image at an affordable cost.

While these tools could serve you well, there are courses from all major oil companies that we have long recommended, even from beginners:

This article is intended to give guidance and support to those who are seeking a rigorous approach to techniques to teach deep understanding and feel competent about working with oil. It does not provide instruction for specific techniques for oil painting. For this information, consult a professional art instructor. While we are pleased to host and do free oil painting workshops, we carefully vet all our participants and want them to know that our instructors hold advanced degrees in art and to reach out if you have any concerns before you take part in a workshop.

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