How To Get More Learning Points Albion Online

Reading the same page over and over can be a drag, but your child can benefit from a little extra reading practice. Here are several ways your family can get more reading points this winter.

How To Get More Learning Points Albion Online


Are you reading this and in need of some help figuring out if you’re doing everything you should be doing at school? Then I’ve got an answer for you — I got some learning points straight from the school’s gatekeeper and I’m going to pass them along here. Remember to use them well; you want them to really help you.

Here’s what you need to know: we’re talking about Up’s learning points, which are given to each student in the United States at the end of each semester. Yes, you read that right: the end of each semester. An annual one. For boys and girls. There are five levels. There are 160 Up learning points.

Remember, we’re just talking about boosting students’ A’s and B’s — not, you know, like I hate me so much because my “study habits” are awful. We’re just trying to make your life easier. And without sounding too indulgent or catty about it, it is our responsibility to make sure students are on their way to success.

This is a free tool. The one caveat: it doesn’t include text-based homework. This is useful if you can’t get it to your browser. For weeks now, I’ve been practicing with my editors and every time we came to the words E. coli or shigella, I quickly clicked down to the official D.C. Department of Health Google Sheet. I know! I should probably go back to the other two levels.

Here are the steps, step-by-step:

1. Sign into your login of choice. It can be a Microsoft account, email address, or some variation. If you login on a major platform like a browser, you’ll need that — none of those bits and pieces get sent to this site. If you think you already have a password, you probably don’t.

2. Uncheck the box to get to the extension menu. Click Add to My Library.

3. Look for the “Learn More” link in the left-hand sidebar. Right-click it and go to Libraries and Internet Explorer preferences, then click on the Add button for the extensions.

4. Let the downloaded extension install. You might also want to double-click the extension and select the “Create a New Extension Folder” box. Then you can download or create any extensions you’d like.

5. When you’re done, you’ll see a very simple wizard asking for permissions. I opted to get into my educational preferences and to use a specific browser. Otherwise, the tool won’t work. What’s more, this isn’t Gmail, where you can specify all of your accounts and passwords for it. You can’t make the extension available to other browsers and programs.

You’ll notice a drop-down menu on the right side. Right-click it and choose “On Your Own.”

You’ll see a breakdown of all the options. Double-click on the “Learn More” option and it will take you to the limited tool. Once you’re in the Learn More extension, just double-click the “Try It Now” button, and you’ll be on your way. Make sure your internet connection is strong, that you don’t have your computer constantly shut down or intermittently shut down — something about that time-out thing! Then you can run the school’s approved app and build a college final.

You can see what each level allows you to get as long as your college is listed. Then that’s really it. You can also head over to their free introductory pack. (Thanks, education authority!) The magic of that is that the words will appear on all levels and in print. This means that you won’t have to guess how long a certain level will take. That was a little too much math for me.

Best of luck to all you students and to all of us here at the Bizz. I know it can be a struggle to get all those Up points. Next year, how about you and I can do this together? I want to build an app we can both design ourselves that allows students to increase their learning points and rewards them for being good kids all semester. You’re welcome!

Maryanne R. Roller is the author of The Girl With the Reptile Brain. Get all of her best career advice and insights by signing up for her free e-newsletter. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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