How To Get Learning License Online

Getting a GED? An English Fluent Degree or FABD?

How To Get Learning License Online

Learning to speak and write properly in a foreign language has its challenges. Language learning programs and books can increase the skill and vocabulary of a person, but that requires study time. Alternatively, learning in person in a classroom or at a professional language center can be costly and offer little practical advantage over online course work. For basic language skills, you can find inexpensive and effective courses via online learning programs. Below are a few examples of such courses.

Legit English

These are often free and have a substantial material to help you learn, even without a formal certification for language learning. Below are some examples of online courses which offer similar material to a book. In these free online courses, the instructors are accessible for questions and will make note of where each student needs to get better at the subject.

Jobs Online Language Assessment Study

Jobs Online Language Assessment Study may be of particular interest to readers of Brazen Careerist where some journalists employ the services of the website. The tool evaluates your ability to describe what it is that you need to know. You can also view ratings for the course, including several options for change or upgrade to a more expensive or even professional version. It also provides language instructor resources, including its own information for free for those who want to improve their English skills.

DoABler – International English

DoABler International English provides a self-directed audio-visual program in many languages that offer targeted and practical English instruction. Similar to JOBLOGER, it also allows feedback. Most programs use interactive audio-visual environments for teaching, with a combination of video and audio being used to help the student learn a language. Other sites such as RelaxMat provide similar assistance to those learning Arabic or Chinese. For readers of, DoABler may be especially appealing as it offers real-life examples in many of the languages taught in the program.

BizStudio – Classroom English

My article on “10 Tips for Linguistic Excellence” noted that it is in itself highly challenging to learn a foreign language. To learn professionally you have to have some background knowledge. BizStudio is excellent and inexpensive and includes many entry level lessons and definitions, as well as more advanced material. It is most useful for those who want to keep learning and improve their skills or proficiency.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Exam

The ELP Exam is conducted over a period of several months and every participant is individually assessed. Beginners and beginners may wish to take courses such as DoABler or career counseling before taking the exam. The Adult Language Initiative (ALI) offers many of the online courses that are offered by DoABler at discounted rates through ALI. To qualify, one must have children and/or live with someone.

English Skills

In 2016, the Digital Linguistics report considered several online learning and content strategies. The subjects covered included:

Email-based learning

This article gives some examples and resources of such popular online classes and will lead readers to online university services as well as a number of other information sites and online courses. Hopefully, this will lead you to find a great selection of useful online programs for learning a foreign language.

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