How To Get A Phd In Machine Learning While Having An Online Degree

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How To Get A Phd In Machine Learning While Having An Online Degree

As a busy young mother, Hillary wasn’t making the best use of her time. She was an avid customer of product reviews, and diligently put together a list of the best products on the market. But Hillary, like many of us, ended up procrastinating and didn’t act on those reviews until it was too late.

During one of her campus visits, Hillary met a young PhD student, Tabitha. Tabitha told Hillary that her role models were the designers and engineers who developed the computer programs used for Apple’s new products. Hillary was immediately intrigued by how fast and flexible the computer models could be, and agreed to work with Tabitha.

The two began studying computer science together. While Hillary is a dental hygienist by trade, Tabitha became interested in the engineering side of machine learning. They also bonded over the restorative abilities of common household items like dental floss, laundry detergent, toothpaste, sunscreen, and soaps. Hillary could decipher and decode the intricate algorithms used to create these products. Tabitha could share information on the emerging “Internet of Things” with Hillary. They quickly realized they had a unique opportunity to combine their learning skills, and learn from each other.

According to Diana, the couple gave away the computer lab space for free to anyone interested in learning how computer science can be applied to manufacturing. In 2005, Hillary returned to the University as an undergraduate student as she studied with Tabitha again. They continued to collaborate with the Hoxsey Lab on many projects. Over time, Hillary earned her PhD and Tabitha became an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and continues to research software engineering for the control of materials and mechanical actuators.

Their future plans call for Hillary to continue her path in community outreach and community engagement for the Jones & Hoxsey Foundation. Tabitha will continue her lab research, and her efforts have earned her her own name. Tabitha Hoxsey was recently recognized for her work by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in their Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony.

To learn more about how Hillary and Tabitha Hoxsey turned their learning experience into a long-term profession in scientific and technical research, read our exclusive feature story, “Expanding Your Horizons, Taking the Edge Off: The Power of collaboration”: A story from beyond the walls of the university.

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