How To Get 7 Year Olds Excited About Learning Online

7 Things Parents Need To Know To Make Online Learning More Exciting To Kids.

How To Get 7 Year Olds Excited About Learning Online

Your children will soon learn to use computers, phones, laptops, and tablets.

That can be a scary prospect for some families, as kids are getting increasingly familiar with technology and don’t always want to be constrained by the rules as their elders.

Some parents may already be hedging their bets with devices like Alphabet’s virtual assistant Google Home.

But the good news is you don’t have to invest a ton of money to ensure your kids are jumping at the chance to learn online.

At age 7, kids have been exposed to smartphones and Internet for a long time and are already familiar with educational apps, social media, and the internet generally.

When you think about it, raising your 7-year-old or 8-year-old to be as educated as adults is a lot easier if they already know how to use electronic media.

Have an open mind about the tools that your children may want to create and learn for their schoolwork in the future. In a world where education can be delivered virtually from any mobile device, you may not need to provide all the tools they have come to rely on.

Once children enter elementary school, the curriculum becomes more structured, particularly when students must learn to read in the lower grades. Kids begin the year with a formal reading routine, which includes books they can enjoy that fit their stage of development.

Your 7-year-old needs to also hit the books to learn a few subjects. But before you enroll your 7-year-old in a traditional public school, let’s do some research.

Your 7-year-old may not understand the difference between blue and red, so let’s make a decision based on what we think she’ll learn.

Consider an online program or two that could help you get the most out of this experience.

Or consider any other combination of online programs, while acknowledging that your child may find some programs boring or unworthy of attention.

You can also ask your child what she would like. Perhaps she wants to play with video games or watch a show while learning math skills.

Consider alternative interventions and ways to modify education experiences to reflect what your child may be comfortable with.

Anything you can do to help her learn new technology safely, and that allows her to explore what she enjoys most, can help strengthen her skills for the future.

Imagine having access to information that you’d otherwise have to hunt down on your own or hire someone to get for you.

Consider that for your 7-year-old, information can come from home and friend and family.

While you may be more used to the convenience of going online to get news or get help with homework, this may become a necessity as your child matures.

Start with a small bit of online exploration and experimentation with schoolwork and you can learn when she is ready for the next level of learning.

Perhaps even better, learning online can be a powerful tool to facilitate the many social connections that have become common to families today.

Hopefully, these connections will encourage your 7-year-old to explore learning skills on her own.

Communities may not be the best venues for all subjects, but through the use of tools like Google Sheets and Sugardetwork, you may be able to explore new ideas with your 7-year-old in an environment that is safe and friendly.

To answer a common question — why we built Learning Games for People 8 & Under — it all began when we’re children. Like many parents, we never finished our homework in the building blocks.

To date, we’ve reached 40 million readers, and the interest in Learning Games shows no signs of abating. And we’re working on new features to explore.

We’re finding that feedback and real-time learning are powerful ways to enhance this new medium that’s more familiar and practical for young learners today.

Christine Adams is the author of Playground for Work & Life: The Way to Play & Build Relationships at Work and Home.

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