How To Foster Involvment In Online Learning

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VOD: Youtube!:For today’s online learners, the Internet offers a myriad of learning options.

When I went to the library to check out a new book for my high school A level English class, I discovered that I had accidentally picked a Vietnamese book. This was no particular complaint on my part—I’d recently been studying abroad in Vietnam, and saw how some Vietnamese culture permeated the language books I’d borrowed from American libraries. For those of us who’ve gone to a foreign country for study abroad, we learn quickly that our copies of the study material printed at home often contain no discernible cultural background.

The Vietnamese volume I’d chosen was not only highly technical, it was written, uncharacteristically, by a man who didn’t live in Vietnam but read there. His only formal journalism experience came from a newspaper in North America.

There’s no doubt that this classic word processor, a popularity symbol, became the mainstay of our computer use—many accounts of textbooks from my high school year depict the books and stacks of them on top of stacks of benches in the library, like you see in many American high schools. For the Vietnamese student and his/her parents, these units and their attendant technological improvements, of course, just added to the cost of living in our country while awaiting our arrival. But the Asian students’ appreciation for our books as educational aids seems to have been one reason that they chose to choose English as their first language, as is true in other countries too.

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