How to Find a Phone Number Using Google

Google should have thought of this first. Between the election and all the fake news stories floating around, you probably lost your phone number somewhere along the way. Here’s how to find it.

How to Find a Phone Number Using Google

If you’re like most people, you turn to Google when trying to find a phone number to call or the address of a particular business. From Google search results to Facebook Pages and more, there are so many options to help you find the address you want or the company that you need for an immediate need.
Unfortunately, there is an issue with using Google and your phone number: Google can and will easily remove your phone number on the web. It’s incredibly easy and totally legal to have a phone number deleted from the Google Search results when you call or are hoping to get directions. If you want it back, all you have to do is fill out a form or fill out the app and request them to return your phone number to Google.

Additionally, even if you have nothing more than a phone number on your Google account, if Google has access to your data, it can also remove the number from the search results. Simply look in the Privacy Policies section and click on the Check Your Account button under the Accounts section. If you want to know more, you can learn more here.

Most of us use a Google account and list a phone number on the service. Google is in charge of its own processes and policies and, even though they can remove your number from some services, they can’t delete it from everyone. If you have no phone number (which is a big pain to work with if you don’t have a number, especially for work or to call a friend and ask them to put you on hold and call you back after you call that number) and just want to get it back, here’s how you can do it with Google.

Make a Phone Call

This is easy! First, make sure you don’t have a court order and make a call to the number you want. Phone numbers that are listed on government or regulatory documents like a library card number or that are part of a bankruptcy petition are exempt from Google’s interest.

Google only confirms a phone number through a phone number. So, if you are calling a government office that does not have a phone number on file or you call someone through an email address or their .gov email address, their Google account will not help you find a phone number, even if the message that you got from the person you wanted to call said you can find their number here. Just have a friend find the number for you, like we did here!

Be Aware of Other Companies’ Policies

As we mentioned, Google has a number of policies when it comes to privacy and collecting and using customer data. Some of these policies include what Google does or doesn’t have access to, what information Google can and cannot see, and what information companies like Google have on you. These policies can be hard to find, but there are a couple links to do so.

What Google Doesn’t Have Access to

If you have an email address associated with a Google account, Google will not be able to access the information from the email account. The same is true of Google+ information like your social media handles, but that has to be updated to reflect your current identity when you change your Google account. There’s also no Google photos, so even if a Google+ profile was left online for the public to see, Google will not be able to see that information.

What Other Companies Will Know

Unless you sign up for Google’s business profiles, Google’s most widely available data isn’t what Google’s servers (and Google is Google and therefore any web service it signs up for uses a Google Data Center, which is similar to a data center). Facebook’s data center is a secret, though many places have the word “hidden” on the signup page.

How to Find the Number

Now you need to take your skill and creativity, and go from the search results to get you the phone number you’re looking for. Google lets you click on a drop-down menu called Google, Searches and More and choose the Small Business bar at the top of the page. Here, you can specify the local office or location you want the number to be or specify a phone number.

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