How To Establish Online Learning School

For those of you interested in pursuing a degree online, we have a few good tips on how to make the transition.

We want an app, first of all, that will keep our student records private and safe. Who might be looking at those records in an app? There is no app for that; Google can’t turn off your search engine history, which can be used to identify you and your students.

Would you trust your student records to a third party, like Dropbox? Not very likely, but even for official documents and school records, keep them safe. Dropbox integrates with your Microsoft Office document and file management systems. If you want to keep them safe, copy them and put them on an SD card.

If you want to use an app, use your desktop or laptop. Don’t use your phone.

If you own a tablet, though, you need a device that doesn’t require a USB flash drive. Think of it as a digital folder that’s extra convenient.

An app that doesn’t leave us asking awkward questions for the rest of our lives, like, “Does someone in my app ever look at all my photo files?”

What if you have someone viewing your records? Again, get the SD card or USB flash drive.

Would you enable search on your physical school and spend hours trying to understand that they are logged all the time by third parties? Why not do that on your screen only? You can choose to save even the most basic data, if you want.

Someone who is learning information they’re supposed to be learning the most conveniently is my next client. Then they can keep it in one place and take it anywhere.

It’s also a place for your instructors to have information they want to share with you, since you’ll have control of what is in the apps.

Making the most of your classroom’s technology

You will eventually share everything in the apps in those folders with other teachers, but you can never make everything accessible all the time. You have your own library of resources for your students that they’ll be happy to use.

We suggest building the apps within the Clueless Classroom, so your teachers can do that, too. If they share the apps as they work with students, you can always create a student library that is uploaded as students leave.

Environments that are rich with information are known to create connected learners. They have mastered task automation and improve performance by staying active in the learning process. It’s called the “human mojo effect.”

The Clueless Classroom connects all of those resources in a system with only three activities, guided by expert instructors:

Practice – it’s used by one third of all students.

Focus – the same teachers and courses are rotated throughout the day, so students do lots of practice but have the ability to focus on any project on the block at any time.

Socialize – students are encouraged to learn through peer assessment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t interact. A few clicks and they can learn together in a group or individual activities.

The teachers record how much they use each resource.

Students will learn from that information, and then look to another, and see where they add to each resource.

The Clueless Classroom brings all of that together to make it a seamless learning environment that you can create yourself with a few clicks.

The Clueless Classroom isn’t a “filter for creativity” or a “skill-based website”. It connects resources from each teacher and course. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

Clients can provide assignments for online classes; you can create a socialization area for “peer learning” assignments.

It adds in prosumer-style collaboration tools.

The Clueless Classroom will help you connect the best learning environments, whether online or in person. It enables a leader-student network that really makes all of this stuff come together.

Learn how to create a Clueless Classroom with the Microsoft Clueless Classroom Client for Windows and Mac.

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