How To Enter Grades On Gradebook Online Learning

Top 5: How to enter grades on gradebook online learning for the upcoming school year.

How To Enter Grades On Gradebook Online Learning

When kids take online courses that allow for online essay writing, they often see this as the start of a stressful new educational experience. Yet if your child is in kindergarten to second grade, these schools have highly rated academic programs, there are no grade limits and online learning can be available at any grade level. Because online learning is aimed for kids who are in schools that are under pressure, online gradebook requirements can be met online or at the school’s campus, so there really is no need to rush home and come up with a whole new way to interact with your child before the homework is due.

In addition to the following tips for an online gradebook that will help your child learn at her own pace, check out a few ideas to help you ensure your grades are high as online gradebook requirements are fully implemented in many schools for grades kindergarten through second.

Find a school where gradebook requirements are not on the radar, right off the bat. You may be considering moving into a new school and trying to meet gradebook requirements as soon as possible, but this often may not be the case. As long as you are looking for an ideal gradebook fit, set up the smarts to be able to wait as long as necessary. Sites like and may be top picks because of the unique and organized gradebook features.

Check out each school’s gradebook requirements and map them to grades at home. Look for information on gradebook requirements in the most recent (or most recent) year of each school’s online gradebook, and note the topics and cut and paste the grade requirements into your email — this not only helps you in the right school search but also helps your child understand gradebook requirements better.

Make sure you know what to expect. There’s nothing more intimidating than having to write essays or come up with separate assignments for essays and add-ons in under an hour! Make sure you know the guidelines, rules and rules before you write out the assignments. Write down the exact rules and guidelines for each week, so there are no surprises with assignments. Plan to spend as much time as needed to complete your assignments. Remember that school parents get points and rewards for successfully completing a gradebook assignment. The reward may be anything from the opportunity to take a day off from tutoring or giving a friend a hard time, to sending them a note that says, “Your teacher knows how you helped me write your Gradebook assignment today!”

Ask for feedback or help! Have your child answer questions and give you a note about where they went wrong with the assignment. Tell the teacher she’s great at communicating, so leave a note for her so she can message your child. Make sure to answer all questions so your student has an idea of what she needs to do next.

Set some regular homework check-ins. Take your child’s gradebook off of your kitchen computer as soon as you get the paper because these grades are tied to gradebook success! Set a specific time to get together and talk about the assignment. If your child has a really short homework period, tell her there are blocks of time in the evenings that the teacher’s office hours will let you use to talk about your work and find solutions. If they have longer work periods, offer to get together at lunch or after school.

Take a look at parent forums and inquire if you are able to set up a meeting with a school administrator or other adults at the school. The culture of your new school is important and makes all the difference.

Consider taking online courses at the home of your child, or if you live out of state, there are now online-based online educational institutions like and that are offering virtual coursework to help kids have a higher education experience.

Maryanne Roller is the author of Crazy for Books: My Life as a Children’s Bookseller, which is available now at all bookstores and online at Amazon. She will also be launching a book club with a special reading at her book shop, Labyrinth Books in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 15. Maryanne is also the producer and co-host of the educational podcast The M.D. Papers. For more information, visit

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