How To Engage The Class Through Online Learning

Through an online education program, you can learn skills you never thought you could get.

On Wednesday I attended the Brandman Institute and was encouraged by the amount of depth within the online learning resources being utilized. In a world where traditional universities that are delivering just about every major education there is going to be a large segment of the population that is not satisfied with what is being provided in most college and universities. It was refreshing to attend the event and observe what some of the leading ed-tech companies are doing to make learning easier and more efficient.

The Brandman Institute offered a slew of things for those who were in attendance and not visiting as we started our day. An example, in the behavioral science area there was a panel focused on understanding why people act certain ways. It was necessary for me to attend this discussion due to my interest in the understanding of the mind and emotions that lead to behavior. Through a series of articles I have covered, I have taken a deep dive into the human decision making process. In my view, there are a handful of factors that determine what you will do next in life. These factors include the awareness and understanding of them, your perspective on how other people are thinking, the input to reason on all this, and of course, how much you really want to win.

When we think about the nuances of emotion being part of our thinking process and in how we focus on learning, we usually focus on very specific and focused emotion. We often believe that those emotions are things like “anger” or “suffering” or “getting sick” or “winning” or “losing”, but what we really want is to determine where the brain is syncing with feeling a particular emotion.

What happens when we examine the findings in this area as it relates to another major emotion which we all understand: love. It turns out that the areas of the brain that are readily processed when we are having deep feelings of love are working together. If you may recall the blog post entitled “When Your Brain Enters The Love Zone” and my introduction of the Palbsack-Simpson system. This is one of the systems that was researched in how we should be thinking about love. I think that it is important to note, that what you focus on is not the fact that you might be in the love zone, but the way in which you experience the feeling of the love.

The final discussion was of course how the school system had changed and how these companies were offering a different model. As most of you know, the school system has changed significantly over the years. In some cases there has been a massive breakdown in the educational process and the same can be said in the personal development aspect. To this point I have given you an overview of how I think a more focused approach towards online learning is the way to go.

At the end of the day this is a small portion of the discussion that I found myself absorbing. It was a little overwhelming to think about so many different pieces being discussed in one session. It was a bit like wading through the morass of academia. As everyone knows, it is not always easy to attract people to show up at these things. There are some very well intentioned individuals in the business that attend these things and it does go a long way to helping to engage an audience.

The world of education is changing and the way it is being delivered is evolving. We will continue to see the ed-tech companies do exactly what I have written about in terms of expanding the ability to deliver learning.

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