How To Engage Students In Online Learning

There are many good reasons to consider virtual education options. We join Peter Port to explore the enormous flexibility and potential of online learning for business.

How To Engage Students In Online Learning

If you’re not teaching digital literacy, you may as well just leave it to the professionals. Programs like Reddit and WhoWhere were designed by people whose mission was to make students intuitively understand the right way to use the internet for a purpose they’re interested in. If you’re interested in teaching digital literacy, those programs will serve as a great reference for what students want to learn and how to approach it.

Embracing Technology and Technology As a Teaching Tool

Start by tackling the challenges of incorporating technology and technology as a teaching tool into your instructional routine, one of the first things you should do is create a clear line of what kind of work you’ll do and how it’ll be accomplished. What “digital content” am I creating? The stuff I’ll need? What resources do I need to get my content online? An engaging classroom will follow.

Listen for vocabulary that seems superfluous. Ask yourself what’s the greatest motivator your teacher has to use technology in the classroom? Now you know the best way to incorporate technology into your class.

Balance Instruction with Formal and Informal Learning

When you’re teaching online you need to be open to the idea that not all students will want to participate in the same way as others, so balance your online learning with something that will help everyone learn together and become conversant. You can use the example of as an example of what a great online teaching tool can provide. The most common reason students opt to not participate is that they think it’s boring, which is a pretty lame excuse. And unless your students have an extremely severe case of procrastination, they’ll also be finding activities that inspire them or allow them to do what they want with whatever time they’re allocated.

With time, work out what methods work best for each student. You may also want to consider the likes of mentoring from older students, the value of whatever it is that a student learns, and whether it’s really learning anything if they’re just seeing what a circle looks like online.

Recognize and Express Your Differences

It’s common to see people of one age group learning differently than another, but it’s important to let this be understood and express it. This will help you understand how your students learn and gives you a way to validate their development.

Take a moment to help your students understand the boundaries of online learning as well. People aren’t usually expected to be learning as quickly as you or other folks might want them to be, so have realistic expectations for their output of information. If students want to sign up for a regular meetup or meetup to discuss their way of learning, they should. In fact, the quickest way to foster mutual respect and interest is to make it easy for them to engage with people who are going through the same thing you are.

Content is Essential, but Overwhelming

It is critical to make it clear that the only acceptable source of the materials you are working with is the internet, which could mean that students will have to work really hard to learn something of importance for the first time.

After the introduction, you need to use actual content, but it should stay simple. You may be able to adapt it to be a bit more advanced, especially for advanced math courses, but it still needs to be something anyone can learn without needing to go to a tutor or zerote site. Once students have learned how to use the tool, you want to let them start working on their own first with the content you have provided.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Use this framework to guide your approach and make sure you’re gaining the most from your endeavors. The most important thing to remember when you’re teaching students to use digital literacy is that they have an appetite for it. Then you need to make sure that they’re getting what they need to use it.

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