How To Embed A Wisc Online Learning Object

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How To Embed A Wisc Online Learning Object

I sat at the computer for three hours and moved a cursor around the screen in various attempts to get my skills aligned and ready for Wisc Online.

At one point I saw the Keynote presentation, which is what we’re all supposed to learn. I clicked on it but got nowhere. I waited. I turned up the volume.

Then I could barely hear what they were talking about. The cacophony of the keyboard and the clicking in the speaker, we were all experiencing together. I learned so many things. Mostly about speaker placement and the speech pattern of a font that was often a spiral arrow but not always.

The content of the whole affair was incomprehensible. I knew the subtitle about how to “Hire yourself a talk show host” but it was confusing. I could only keep myself from quitting when I saw that cartoon of Trump holding a snarling pen and pencil at an invisible letter “H” and thinking “What, once again, have I failed to learn?”

Why was the presentation audio streaming in and out? What did this have to do with anything I’m trying to learn?

I learned things in class. I only learned that this is what I needed to know before I could, hopefully, participate in the virtual conversation I wanted to have about Trump’s pen.

One thing I learned is that when you’re navigating a labyrinth of 20 keys, the mouse isn’t enough to pick them up. It’s clear to see how the developers have cut the mouse down to size: it’s about 15.

The other thing I learned, another thing for which I’m pretty grateful, is that whenever you feel the keyboard slipping out of your reach you’re probably not far away from the button, A, holding on.

Another thing I learned is that power in a virtual environment has two kinds: absolute power and ubiquity power.

Absolute power derives from moving a key but is exerted upon others by the motion of the key. Utilization power derives from a location other than the pushing of the key but is exerted upon others by the motion of the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Power at the A button is absolute. Power at the menu above it is ubiquity power.

The thing is to remember that you could always take control and go back and forth between them and to avoid futzing around so much in those earlier periods.

If I hadn’t been puzzled by the first, bigger problem, I probably would have learned a lot. I definitely would have tried to use the mouse back in school but I probably would have sucked.

Would my understanding of my choices for policy have improved if I’d kept mostly to the cursor? I’m not sure.

It seems to me that rather than reducing learning by interrupting the learning process with 30-second intermissions and ordering our learners to do what is asked of them, we should focus on creating a meaningful, immersive, professional learning environment as a prime function of education.

Over the past couple of decades, large public universities have been increasingly approached like big tech companies and compelled to adapt to market pressures. Now, an important ecosystem within a university is to be promoted to expand learning on the internet.

The kinds of skills we’re supposed to develop in an increasingly complex ecosystem of business tools, chatbots, web features, collaboration platforms, and economy models demand a move from passive to active learning.

I can’t do it well, I was told. At first I would have to grind through several hours of training with thousands of other people.

I like to think that won’t be true. There will be opportunities to do it online. Online machines. The internet is smart enough to figure out what we want to know and it will deliver it to us so we can figure out how to learn it and, I hope, use it to become as savvy in that world as we are at the stuff of virtual education.

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