How To Eliminate Sense Of Isolation In Online Learning Community Google Scholar

This article is published in the fall 2018 edition of which is out now! This is the fourth volume of the Better Online Learning News and Commenting Volumes.

Searchable cultural and academic databases are crucial for the benefit of future generations; learning can now be as easy as asking and responding to a question; it’s as simple as navigating information. Take online learning databases, for example. They make it possible for students to review vast amounts of material while studying subjects related to their future career. What if, however, the environment of an online academic database inspired students to leave a positive impact on the world? An innovative student by the name of Suhl Lauryn Sims painted a more socially responsible idea on her LinkedIn profile. While writing for a magazine about advising on major decision making (which also serves as a blueprint for other parts of her career), she pointed out her desire to:

What better way to educate future generations that also provides them with the knowledge to take action?

Then, she went one step further, by creating an action-based education website at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Last week, CHEA expanded its online examination program to a free online syllabus that will allow hundreds of thousands of students the opportunity to add to their own specialties and obtain certification from an independent testing agency. It was announced that the task at hand was to remove the perception that education is something that requires financial and time commitment. Moreover, it looked to remove the unnecessary barriers that inhibit students who had not been the institutional planners of their education.

The online instruction goes the extra mile because it allows students to get all their test answers on a single website. Students can be certain they know which questions will require the answers they have prepared. Therefore, they will be able to save any time they have saved by brushing up on the answers before sitting for their exams.

Then, they do not have to worry about over working a paper to make sure they are done properly. It provides the academic standard needed to prove that they have their recommended level of knowledge and it keeps students focused. The expedited course load will also allow students to compare their learning in both the structured and free situations.

Currently, the project already boasts five reading and writing test components: social and ethnic diversity and inclusion, citizenship and diversity, ethics and justice, and course preparation and assessment. It also contains a multimedia resource that carries both the actual test and a comprehensive syllabus.

The online coursework will be available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, with additional languages likely coming in the future.

In terms of its coverage, the online coursework is currently available only in its basic form. The current focus is on English reading and writing, with continuing development being done for other sections of the curriculum. In the near future, the platform will expand so that additional content will be available. Currently, it is compatible with the GRE, O-level, LSAT, NCE, and GCSE. It is also compatible with the Asian Scholastic Aptitude Test (ASAT), the International Passport Examinations in Japan (SPEJ), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and the Decathlon Korean (DXK).

You can request an application on the CHEA’s website to apply for a chance to test. It will only cost you a ten dollar fee for one test.

The shift in attitude about educational practices will enable learners and students the chance to really explore their strengths and passion areas of knowledge and then use them to advance their careers and communities. They will be able to become respected members of their society by using their acquired knowledge and skills. They will be creative, and in turn, the world will be a better place because of their intelligence and depth of knowledge.

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