How To Effectively Write For A Discussion Post For Online Learning

To create a successful discussion post, writing is essential. If you want to achieve excellence, writing is definitely a key factor.

How To Effectively Write For A Discussion Post For Online Learning

How to write effective conversation posts for online learning courses. The phrase “online learning is out of control” was uttered by a former professor of mine in class recently. There’s no question that online learning has flourished in recent years. I teach mostly online classes for online-only courses and do not see a reason why it wouldn’t continue to grow. At the same time, I write educational posts or debate topics that pertain to online learning, and an article typically winds up on various online platforms and sites around the Internet. Many of my student clients have the phrase “Online education is out of control” on their online test prep projects.

How I Make My Posts

In writing online posts, it’s important to keep in mind what medium you are using to deliver your message. Writing and review essays all fit well in print media. Most educational posts fall into the same category.

That said, sometimes you can’t keep the words clean enough to stick with online sites and platforms. A post can be too clean and publish your ideas about a topic with just one word in the subject of the post. Next thing you know, all of your email addresses and messaging profiles will be flooded with comments or questions you never knew you had! To avoid putting your audience at risk, I use different media outlets to share my posts. When a student posts me an article, I don’t send it out to the entire list. I provide a deadline and response time. With this set up, I can only really respond to the person posting or responding.

I can’t avoid emailing the student directly, but I do receive a full package that contains the article from the original author, the email, and an easy-to-use comment form. After the post has been published, the student’s response forms are selected and posted. Once that has been done, I reply to the person commenting. We then establish mutual respect and a healthy conversation. I can then ask if the student is interested in assigning a follow-up chapter. I can also start a discussion group with other students in the online course. If that doesn’t work, a signed permission slip from the student can provide the response needed to publish the post publicly. When an article is posted publicly, I inform the person what the post will be titled, how I intend to present it, and what my plan is for it. I then deal with any comments or questions.

How to Write a Thought Piece

An online thought piece is similar to an article but should also not be limited to the content. Someone who has moved to another country, met a partner, got married, had a baby, or accepted a job abroad might want to share their thoughts with you about the major change in their life. A thought piece is basically an article on a topic. By taking a thought-piece approach, I can distribute it as a post.

A post lets the reader know who authored the article, what they are telling them, and why they think what they are saying is important to them. The post contains a link to a website where the author can share more information about themselves.

Once a post has been published, I enjoy the discussion it generates online. I can then respond to comments and questions that the post generates. I love hearing students’ stories and I enjoy learning more about their lives as well.

How to Turn an Online Post Into a Book

As you can see, writing posts and posting them online has been an eye-opening experience for me. My advice for aspiring authors and aspiring academics is to build an online presence prior to publishing your own book.

Write your articles, take notes, collect feedback, and write numerous drafts. You’ll wind up with dozens of posts and they are an important step in the publishing process. By creating a consistent presence online, you will not only reach more people, but your content will stand out and get more views.

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