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When you head to the library, you’re probably looking for some free resources and assistance, but you can have an experience like magic as well, thanks to the internet. Learning in print isn’t always easy, which is why the Library of Congress website, Teaching Library, offers free services for students to learn about any topic.

By Christine Hollen

How do you teach your child about safe online communication? It can be a daunting task, so I decided to take my skills in this area to the next level, using online teaching tools. Here are some creative solutions that can help you prepare your child for social media.

Introduce Children to One Online College Course After Another

As kids get older, parents will need more sophisticated methods to help them make smart decisions about how to use social media, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Children who are taught online lessons at an early age are more likely to understand them. I bought them all four online classes designed to teach children about Social Media Responsibility—Social Media Accessibility for Girls by Teacher Teen, Social Media for Women: Privacy as a Trust and Safety Tool by digital safety agency Safe Net Family, and the Benefits of Virtual Communities for Women by Intelligent Social Networks. Each class covers different aspects of social media that are important for children.

In order to ensure parental privacy, I timed the class sessions to follow the same online time periods as the online lectures, so we could all be in the same location at the same time.

Many of the online tools for teaching using online training courses were designed specifically for teaching and learning for children. Check out our picks here.

Make Online Classes Audio-Friendly

One online class helped me to create a lesson book that helps create digital lessons for your kids. When it comes to teaching social media, some topics are better discussed with text that kids can understand than with video, which is why the lessons in these classes were designed for audio.

The online education classes also help you track your progress on a website, so parents can keep track of how much your kids learn and what types of effective ways you used to teach them.

Watch a One-Hour School Video

Most children age five to nine can go through a one-hour lesson video to get the basics of social media safety. For older kids, it is better to give them multiple lessons and time as the information matures. As children move into their teen years, having lessons in online lessons is helpful for developing social skills.

If your child has an older sister, teach her skills at a similar age, then again when she graduates. She should have a good understanding of what she’s learning and how to make informed decisions.

Provide Your Child with Alternatives to Facebook

Looking for an alternative to Facebook? I read The Facebook Parent Guide to Summer Camps by Kevin Banfield, which discusses what children and parents should know about Facebook and ways to limit your child’s exposure to it while still having the social aspects of a summer camp.

Even with all the big changes with social media, Facebook is still available to all adults, but you can try an alternative with other online tools.

Use a Child Privacy Application

I used a child privacy app called SuddenApp to take my online lessons to the next level. This app not only offers digital education resources but also gives you the right to ask to opt-out of ad servers and social networks altogether. For parents, this app can help them be more informed, so their children aren’t compelled to develop social media safety skills.

Exposing Children to a variety of online courses will help them navigate social media responsibly.

Christine Hollen is a mother and parenting coach based in Las Vegas. She is the founder of, a community for moms.

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