How To Draw A Dog Online With A Free To Youse Learning Class

A new course offered through YourTango officially teaches you how to do the internet’s most popular tricks for drawing and painting dogs.

How To Draw A Dog Online With A Free To Youse Learning Class

How to Draw A Dog Online — Learn with Free To Youse or Enroll

Every dog fan knows it’s always better to have too many cute pictures to choose from, or on the other hand, create many more for one’s own collection. This is why so many people turn to online tutorials, but it can often feel overwhelming or become more of a chore than something to actually enjoy.

However, there is a way for you to make yourself really want to spend time with your dog — you just need to do your research and follow a few steps.

Now, if you’re a parent with a pet, and are already familiar with the various online tutorials on how to draw a dog, this guide will make for a unique time to spend with your pup, all for free.

How to Draw a Dog Online

There are a number of popular online tutorials that teach you how to draw a dog online or how to find one. With that said, this beginner’s guide will set you back a few extra bucks, but if you’ve been looking for a bit more fun in your lessons, there’s a few ideas that can definitely make the experience more enjoyable.

Free To Youse

If you’re going for a quick online tutorial that only takes a few minutes, start with Free To Youse. This tutorial is quite easy, but has some additional pages, providing you with additional locations, stickers, stars, etc. Be warned, however, that the illustrations may not be in exact shape or proportions. I found that to be case for a few photographs in this tutorial. This may be a bonus for experienced artists or those who are not totally familiar with the rules, but you’ll also get up to speed quickly.

Free To Youse — Family Canine Petography

For those who just want some illustrations, this tutorial is for you. There are more areas than on Free To Youse, but with ten different points, you’ll be able to get a lot done in the course of a day.


Free To Youse has a tutorial that can take a few weeks to complete (depending on how much time you have to spend), but if you’re ready to try some more photoshopping tricks, this free family petography tutorial from Familiar Pet Photography is up for grabs. All you’ll need to do is select the required pictures. After that, you can save your artwork with the ‘pro capabilities’ of Familiar Pet Photography.

After you choose your photos, the app will handle it all for you. Afterwards, all you have to do is click ‘create’ and follow all the steps to get your masterpiece just the way you want it. For example, you can customize your own text, like make a description or a description using quotes. Another nifty option is the ability to fold in the image to make it square with square images.


With YouTube you’re able to upload your dog photos with some extra features. By just clicking ‘upload,’ you will be able to take some time to decide on your photos before having a company like Dog Photo Factory determine what frames you’ll use and how to edit them. After you select photos, you’ll be able to choose from a range of template options and customize. There are three different packages available, starting with the basic package for $4.99.

If you’d rather learn from someone else, you can enroll in the setrally free no.4 lesson from Seni Design. No matter what your dog’s breed, this course will walk you through puppy training and how to play with your pup. There are specific steps that can help you grow with your pup or train him so that he learns basic dog commands like sit, or take him to obedience school. For people who are less familiar with pets, this is an excellent way to get an idea of what you’ll need to do when it comes to caring for your pet.

“Once you really dive into this stuff, it’s like, ‘Oh, I can manage that,'” said Sophie, my dog’s owner who took the 4th lesson. “I know what I need to do to keep a dog like that.”

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“koller, Daphne. “”what We’re Learning From Online Education”
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