How To Draw A Dog Online With A Free To Youse Learning Class

Easier than you think. You don’t even need to go to a dog show.

How To Draw A Dog Online With A Free To Youse Learning Class

Whether it’s some last minute doggy training, or needing some new terms to confidently describe your own male and female mix of pooch—Dorkypony is ready to help. Dorkypony is a fun, interactive, online training and grooming tutorial series that’s currently available for free on its website. Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Find a Doghouse

If you’re not up on all the tools and tricks that Dorkypony uses, you’ll need some interactive assistance from the doghouse master himself. Click on your doghouse photo, find the details of your doghouse tutorial, and follow the steps!

Step 2: Figure Out a Topic

Dorkypony has a wealth of information on topics ranging from wild and crazy wild, to proper grooming for a man or woman. Looking for some ideas? Here’s a sampling of things you’ll find: Been to kennels before? How about dogs that won’t even go near you?! Leash situation? This list is exhaustive!

Step 3: Read About Our Instructors

You can see how the instructors are trained! But feel free to move on if that doesn’t sound right to you. That’s OK, we’ll cover all the basics after getting started.

Step 4: Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Next, put yourself in the thoughts and views of our online instructors to see how they think about caring for both men and women. If you’re up for a little creative problem solving, you’ll find some insightful post-idea question starters like “How can I get my dogs to walk correctly?” and “How can I make my dog shine?”

Step 5: Post-Idea Post-Measurement

Why would you want to do this? Well, we’ll explain! Think of all the ways that you can put on your doggo’s “to do” list. Follow the instructions for taking a step-by-step guide to develop a custom checklist with the help of our online instructors. Then post your completed checklist to your Facebook page—your dog might just love you for it!

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“koller, Daphne. “”what We’re Learning From Online Education”
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