How To Do A Citation For An Online Learning Brief

How can a college student without a semester pass earn a citation from their school in the system?

How To Do A Citation For An Online Learning Brief

Hi all. I’m Maryanne Roller, Mashable’s chief of education. In an effort to merge traditional teaching with the best that digital and distance learning has to offer, I’m taking a closer look at online learning.

I love learning online because it’s less scripted. You don’t have to sit through another lesson and you get to skip around the topics without having to pay attention. You don’t have to read up on a subject and memorize every reference or order of events before seeing what’s going on in the online course you’re watching.

Since the quality of the knowledge gained and skills learned in a live lecture or library class doesn’t transfer as easily to online courses as it does to live conversations, taking notes from your online education means you need to be clever about how you diagram each lesson.

In order to skip around the concepts and keep you more engaged in the discussions, I recommend including a thumbnail of the item you’re seeing on the screen at all times. It also helps to include a “break” section to catch your breath and consider what you’ve just learned.

Eventually, you’ll run out of things to note down. To keep you from taking a “backspace” while rereading, sometimes I go back over some of the notes I’ve previously noted. However, that strategy can lead to sounding like a kid in a candy store, or in my case, like a little girl that has her entire vocabulary memorized.

I like to come up with small moments of wonder as soon as I can. These usually take the form of some tidbit that distracts me from wanting to go back over the whole thing. Sometimes I think of something the class taught about with the numbers 1000, 2000, 3000 and on. For example, if 500 is four, 2,000 is six and 3,000 is 10,000, I sometimes use these numbers and places in my notes on how to add up 3,000. I then move on to the next item before I need to re-enter the other numbers into my notes.

It’s easy to fall back on being impenetrable as I write my notes. Thankfully, I’ve found a website called Transcriptstack that can help you.

Through this service, you’ll be able to evaluate your learning ability in a variety of categories. In fact, people learn pretty much the same way, depending on how they are practicing on word problems or penning notes. Though each individual student will learn differently, most students who are proficient in 15 or 20 percent of the subject areas will typically be strong in the remaining 90 or 95 percent of the subject areas.

And remember that using quote marks with your notes and making a “STOP” check mark at the end of each section allows you to keep focused on what’s at hand and avoid looking like you’re doing a long phone interview.

So, how does Transcriptstack work? When you go to score your transcript, you’ll see a column called the “line charts” section. Each week, if you’re hitting on all your topics and learning the “Big Data” course, you’ll see the line charts in that chart, which means you’re making progress. Then you’ll go to a second section called the “My Transcript” section, which will help you add certain items to your transcript.

For example, you might have a column where you should be able to include those few things in your transcript that would show your level of completion. For example, you could say that you earned a master’s degree in English. Other things you can add to your transcript include your elementary- or secondary-school transcripts if you had to leave the course earlier, a recommendation letter and the names of the instructors who taught you.

It’s a ton of work, but it’s ultimately helping to inform how you consider every last detail that will improve the likelihood that your transcript will be considered for college admission in the future. And if you use Transcriptstack and don’t get into a great school, hopefully it will give you something to do in your free time.

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