How To Difference Between In Classroom And Online Learning

Rather than a lecture where you watch the teacher, have you ever attended a class online? While these classes could be a chance to actually be in the classroom, they might not be the right fit for you.

She wants the whole world to be a classroom. She recently went from babysitting her elder brother to allowing him to study abroad at a University, taking tuition out of his college savings.

This was what she needed to do so she could pursue her passion of studying in Indonesia to be an environmental architect.

Her brother has suffered from some disabilities his whole life, for which her mom had to find special instructional programs to help his physical and cognitive development.

As a result, she’s learned all she knows about getting a younger sibling off to a good start in life, knowing that regardless of their disabilities, everyone needs to have safe and stable childhoods.

She and her brother have done this, especially in terms of learning.

I haven’t interviewed many people under 40, but I’ve interviewed a lot of women under 40 who love life and who are driven to succeed.

Some of these women do YouTube videos and become multimedia superstars—you can learn how to date like a celebrity, how to be healthier and happier (for less money), or how to ditch school fees and go back to school or to an extra-curricular activity that you actually want to do.

I recently interviewed Margaret “Mee” Moudda for Success Matters. She’s a member of the next generation of women looking to overcome ageism and ageism in the workplace. She already did this when she started building her own brand and school on YouTube and other online platforms.

It wasn’t just Mee who wanted to test the boundaries of education. I interviewed Stella Carlton for Business for Social Good in 2012, where she told me that she wanted to invest in experiences for herself and her friends.

She went to college in California, but eventually transferred to Miami, where she worked as a sales associate for an online marketplace for vintage fashion.

She immediately discovered she wanted to work in the fashion business, but it just wasn’t working.

Strolling along the beach in Miami one day, she took a turn on the boardwalk and discovered Old Miami, which became her favorite beach.

But she realized that she was incapable of doing it for herself. She had to sell her last paycheck to be able to buy a first-class ticket to Nepal to learn about silk weaving and art.

I find this to be so very inspiring. Although there are many who advocate for gender equality, to my way of thinking, when women are successful, they do it not for their personal benefit but for the benefit of society as a whole. In business, we put forth forward good ideas. We like to give of ourselves. We want to help others. We seek to give other people opportunities.

As a result, we end up touching other people’s lives—often under-represented people’s lives. So let’s not limit how much we give back.

As I said, Mee is a millennial who’s working in business and parenting, and she did it with thought and dignity.

She has since become one of my favorite YouTube video vloggers.

In her video “Peaceful How to ‘Let Out’ Your Blues—And Make Them Melt,” she talks about how her son said he didn’t want to go to his parents’ house. They found a gazebo on her son’s college campus and forced her to come back.

She says, “We had to have a family talk.”

She tells us that she didn’t know where to go from there, so they moved to Mexico for a while. Mee wanted a peaceful place to learn self-discovery and self-reliance. This is a quote that resonates with me, both as a parent and as a woman who struggled with being resourceful and successful at the same time.

She gives us peace by sharing authentic, universal messages like, “Take the time to learn what your strengths are. What are your gifts and gifts to the world? And celebrate your gifts.”

She also told me that her best advice for other parents—mothers and fathers alike—is to support their children in all aspects of their life.

While she believes we need to raise our children, “without making them a slave to us.”

Peaceful How to ‘Let Out’ Your Blues — and Make Them Melt is available to order on Amazon.

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