How To Determine The Learning Needs Of Online Student

These factors make up the smart student and learning needs of students in a variety of online classes.

How To Determine The Learning Needs Of Online Student

Will you be teaching at home or away from the classroom? Here are five essential steps to preparing your students for the learning needs of their learning environment.

Setting Expectations Early

If your students are home and you’re not sure how they’re going to use online education, it can be extremely frustrating to watch. You want your students to be prepared for what to expect and confident. The question becomes: can you include some of the information in the online classroom? In fact, according to Study Monkey, as the online course gets more sophisticated, the structure of the online course adapts to the learner. That means that more and more, what will be common is learning styles and curricula that are effectively adaptive. So, if you’re interested in a variety of content, you can accommodate that during the course. One caveat: one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. For example, if your students are highly motivated, your video material can be very visual. The individual learning goals for each student in your online class are becoming increasingly important. At the very least, students can appreciate the varying approaches being offered.

Practice Is Key

It takes time and practice to adjust your teaching technique to a student’s learning styles. And a good problem to have. Review of previous lessons, questions that need to be answered and progress made helps students understand the concepts in their areas of need. As a student progresses, a personal evaluation of one’s progress becomes increasingly important. Do you feel you are challenging your students to learn in a way that interests them and gives them what they need?

Use Advising as a Key Learning Opportunity.

Every lesson you’ll deliver will be a level up on previous lessons. Yes, it’s true. The greater the technology that your students are experiencing, the more sophisticated your ability will be to instruct and reinforce the concepts. Do your students realize that? Are they also realizing the opportunity to advance their skill development? Effective teaching and instruction should be a means of progression and to enable more educational experiences. As students gain more confidence in themselves, they could find themselves more likely to lead this online learning journey in the future.

Encourage College Savings

Though many students are struggling with financial issues in their lifetime, you can help them get that first step out of the way. Online colleges aren’t going anywhere. Instead, more are transitioning to full online campuses. That means that you and your students can benefit from taking online courses in order to save money on the cost of a first degree. Your freshman class is no longer limited to, only, first-generation college students. Thanks to technology, hundreds of thousands of students are taking classes from community colleges. Those numbers are going to be multiplying over the next two decades. As a result, you can benefit from providing your students with the skills and know-how to apply for those financial aid packages. That means working with your financial aid advisors to develop individualized aid and how-to-tend-to-matters for you and your students.

Opportunities Are Out There

For example, Sesame Workshop recently announced this semester that they will pilot providing free hours of online courses to 45,000 students through the student-inspired non-profit iSchool Learning. Right now, iSchool is only open to IT students. Even so, thanks to the Internet and online learning, higher education has never been easier. If you are constantly looking for ways to expand the horizons of online learning, be as adventurous as possible.

About the Author: Ethel Speight has a long career in public education, working in the trenches in several capacities. As an educator, she helped shape and implement the STEAM curriculum at Kenyon College and brought that methodology to the University of Georgia at Augusta. Currently, she serves as the President/Founder of Advanced Education Works, a registered online education licensure agency that provides professional development and global certification.

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