“””how To Design Culturally Inclusive Online Learning Experiences”””

A recent workshop for University of Illinois undergraduates left quite an impression on many.

How do we design an online learning experience with the purpose of empowering individuals to gain an immersive experience that aligns with how they want to learn, developing their skills, and preparing them for the workforce? I believe one must first get the purpose of the experience. With that being said, how do we get to that place?

Inspiring Change Within A Complex World

Unprecedented business opportunities and economic challenges affect our daily lives, yet many of us are unable to perceive what is around the corner because we have been bombarded by meaningless noise that says “this is what it is and this is what I should be thinking.” Any given moment, we can hear a robot saying, “Once again.”

The innovative HCM Instructor At FastTrain described what he does on a daily basis to inspire his students:

It’s always been my goal to create a learning environment where I’m able to prepare the students for real life situations and challenges they will face. Most of the graduates I’ve trained say “I really feel that I’ve grown since I started my classes.” Many of them say I’ve made it possible for them to enter the workforce in a field that they’ve always had an interest in.

As a nation, we have an unprecedented opportunity to change this, using technology as our tool. That opportunity exists because technology is not functional as currently designed; the tech industry is desperately underfunded to the point that the best talent is leaving the sector for better opportunities.

I’m a firm believer that if you build it, you’ll come. Perhaps you’ve heard me say this at times; it’s absolutely true. We need an innovation laboratory and we need a culture in which the hearts and minds of those within our industry are supported. We are already falling behind as a company.

Universities have a bad rap in the startup world for a multitude of reasons. Getting accepted into an “university” is not the easiest thing to do. Understanding the validity of an experience and being passionate about what you’re learning is a test you must pass to receive recognition. For those not in the tech world, you may be more familiar with a lesser known institution called the Incubator Accelerator. This type of focused learning is necessary and, we need to be continuing this trend.

Our Educational System Has Been Around For The Past 140 Years

With the financial challenges within our industry, we can’t afford to invest the time in our educational system we once did. However, in order to be successful in the future, we must continue to create educational opportunities for individuals to become skilled and proficient in technologies of the future.

One thing is becoming clear – each year, we fail to stay abreast of the ever changing landscape and we are left behind as new innovation occurs at a rapid pace. You must be able to adapt in the best way to ensure the continual flow of new knowledge to be relevant in the context of today and tomorrow.

You can get an idea of the technology that is exploding and evolving right here, on HuffPost.

Each year, we fail to stay abreast of the ever changing landscape and we are left behind as new innovation occurs at a rapid pace. You must be able to adapt in the best way to ensure the continual flow of new knowledge to be relevant in the context of today and tomorrow.

Technology is the Friend of Many

Everyone needs to participate in learning. Technology has given us the tools to do so. When we stop learning, we lose the ability to think of new ideas. New ideas are ignited by new experiences. We can’t expect others to act by themselves, we need to inspire them to do so through engaging conversations. We need to set the tone to model how to be a culture of passion that supports change.

How To Not Become A Nossi Modo

Each day, we need to question the strength of what we believe in. Perhaps it is time to have a dialogue about whether the culture you want to support is aligned with your own entrepreneurial goals. It is important to have a mutual value of passion that attracts you and makes others want to work with you.

Technology isn’t the enemy of the process of building a better tomorrow, it is an enabler. Get engaged in a conversation, invite ideas, and be a culture champion who supports the change. This will always be an ongoing process that requires us to remain on the cutting edge of technology so that we don’t fall behind.

“No other profession can truly change the world, simply because no other profession exists for a societal purpose other than to provide one with a path to a job.” – Alexander J. Karp A business leader, Lee

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