How To Create Practice Tests In Hawkes Learning Online

Maryanne Roller, author of the new book Learning Online: Explore the World of Online Learning for College, advises how to create practice tests for learning online.

How To Create Practice Tests In Hawkes Learning Online

The reporter that I didn’t get into worked at Hawkes Home Home for the Aged and Infirm in Ashford, Lincs. I was intrigued by her attitude, her approach and her enthusiasm for the place, which meant lots of questions, not for her or for me but for her peers, who all shared her curiosity.

Practice tests are really fun—and uncomfortable! If you don’t have the conversation and practice with your peers, it may look the same for all of you, so it’s best to start small—as in, giving out a few practice tests to your peers so that they can practise (or better yet, fix!) them for you if your general competency has improved.

They may have the questions that you will want to skip. Others may have questions for you. This is fun, and it will make you better prepared!

But when you actually use them in a wide-ranging interview, you might discover something more interesting about yourself that you didn’t know before—and I heard about this from a Hawkes neighbour, who noted that as she got older, she was amazed to find out that not everything that was covered on her resume was accurate (you see, it wasn’t her intention to be “evasive” or to deny that she went to university).

Whatever you discover, it’s important to practice! The reporter worked with me all summer as my co-anchor and producer. Even if we didn’t get the story in print, we did get practice interviews and took notes and laughed and bonded. It was just as important to learn from each other as it was to know what got reported and what didn’t!

Toward the end of the summer, we had an interview about transition living in Ashford, where we interviewed residents about whether they wanted to leave Ashford and be independent in a much smaller home or if they wanted to continue being a resident in a huge home. This was part of an outreach program at Hawkes to allow residents to lead a more active part in the transition of living at home, where there’s more available support. During our interview, the resident said something that many people probably never thought to say: “I don’t want to leave Ashford. It’s my home!” We were floored. We thought he was an old curmudgeon who was “afraid of change,” but as we sat in his living room, he turned the question on its head and asked: “What if I wanted to go home with my baby? How would I feel?”

During another interview we filmed, we watched residents look forward to a workshop at Ashford that would be held before the same workshop was given at homes across the UK. The residents were all getting ready to put their knowledge in their own hands and make sure that their fellow residents had fun! I don’t know of any exercise that will have a greater effect on our residents than this activity!

Yes, of course we know to ask about your professional affiliations and education level, but we also noticed a difference when you said, “That’s just the way I am.” You’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re just not hiding your nature. This gets you more confident about where you are and where you are going. You are not ashamed of what you know and what you have to offer.

Practice tests can make a huge difference in how your best selves show up in interviews. Knowing that you’re doing your best for your interview and that you’re good at presenting yourself and your expertise is an amazing boost in confidence. So start small with your peers. Be open to their ideas and be willing to try new ways of asking your questions and of responding. Try creating practice tests to cover different topics. And look for ways to challenge yourself—it’s not that difficult and it will be worth it!

What do you prefer: practice tests, daily practice, week long practice tests, volunteer training training, staff training training? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know!

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