How To Create Online Learning Interactive Platform

Creating an online learning solution that will give students the opportunity to access interesting content while increasing retention rates is the goal for a digital solutions company.
By Michael Rackley
Last month I posted on the trend of education being focused on the traditional time frame of two years.

Finding a new job may sound like the worst job in the world, but if you’re self-employed, learning how to build a great online business can be just as nerve-wracking and time-consuming. If you’re willing to invest time, you can use the internet to learn how to launch your own successful business from scratch.

And it doesn’t mean you have to simply create a few video tutorials and stick with them for months and months. Many successful online start-ups were started with one great ebook or short video explaining a topic in a user-friendly format that any business owner can get excited about.

The bottom line is, it’s vital to learn how to build a successful online business. So far, here are a few of the best online learning platforms that have everything you need to get started:

Learning Curve Cloud Essentials

While this one has been around for a while, Learning Curve Cloud Essentials was recently renovated and the new version, Learning Curve Cloud Essential is made to be part of a more complex user’s experience.

The easy-to-use dashboard features a cohesive navigation and a customizable search function. It’s easy to view your own browsing history and to explore the “on-demand” menu. Furthermore, they have taught over 8,000 professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs how to launch and grow their business.

With Learning Curve Cloud Essential, you can start you business on your own terms, and find the best ways to reach your customers.

Knowledge Island

If you’re looking for a unique educational experience, then Knowlity Island is the place to go. It’s more like a daily video series (we found over 150!) than a self-paced or tutor-guided approach.

The educational landscape for content creators is constantly changing, but they always come back to the same topic: no matter how many points you’ve added, no matter how long your arc, knowlity does their best to make you understand the topic, your concepts, and your results.

Their courses are structured for a broader audience, teaching on-demand by topic rather than pacing through a strategy training course and making use of flashcards.

On the plus side, people like entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ bloggers, business owners, and other thought leaders end up recommending the product and end up taking advantage of the free courses on offer.

Learn Fast Or Die Fast

If you’re looking for an app that will turn your business idea into reality in a highly attractive format, then look no further than Learn Fast Or Die Fast.

With the debut of a new way of doing things, they rethought how to approach things and discovered a way to create a self-paced course for everyone. Not only that, but they ensure the course stays enjoyable no matter how long you take.

Essentially, they have to offer you the perfect learning environment to make learning an enjoyable experience. It’s all laid out in one comprehensive setup, which includes a branching structure and compelling content that gets you excited to learn.


If you’re the type of person who prefers practical lessons and long-term success goals, then you’ll like Holacracy. Learn how to create your own beneficial workplace organization right from the get-go and how to stop complaining about Holacracy to get the most out of it.

Killing Your Brainstorming Session

Killing Your Brainstorming Session is an excellent choice for those who hate brainstorming sessions. It’s built on the premise that brainstorming sessions hurt your potential and your ability to solve problems. They have over a dozen in-depth and highly inspirational tips to help you improve your brain, allowing you to learn things faster while designing your own product and also build the foundation for your company.

Recycle University

If you really just want to keep learning and keep it fun, then recycle university is your best bet. They’ve gained over 3 million users and gained over 7 million reviews by businesses and education institutions, from social media to educational institutions themselves.

Additionally, they provide a free forum for anyone to interact with like-minded business owners. They’ve built an entire community around education which feels more community and has a social aspect rather than a corporate agenda.

Getting Started

Take a look at the results of how many hours you’d have to have spent on a learning platform, and how that could be saved in other areas of your life. Look back at how easy it would be to use the internet to your advantage as you build your business. The world of self-employment is a very competitive world and learning how to avoid common mistakes can only make you more successful.

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