How To Create An Online Learning Portal

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How To Create An Online Learning Portal

Learning is a continuous process. It must be driven by a set of characteristics on both the part of the educational provider and the learner, since learning is an agent of both expansion and contraction in the organism and can only occur within an expanded context. The place where learning starts is the site from which it is terminated, but where learning ends is where it starts. When someone is learning, they can neither remain at a fixed point nor begin a process that has many new links. Learning does not stop because it is interrupted, it ends when it stops. Learning therefore draws together many conditions on both the part of the participant and the provider, even though all the conditions are not in place, all the conditions are present throughout the movement of learning.

You must teach learners everywhere they can be reached, not just in the classroom or the lecture hall but in whatever environment they can be reached. Many applications follow the model of the walled garden. You provide material online and require the user to continuously update their profile to follow that material and to achieve the ultimate access. Therefore, you must provide an environment for learning that fits into the right context. This implies that learning in the context of the Internet, as it happens today, must be given much more attention and that education must be a part of the offering.

LEARNING AT A SCHOOL OF DANCE A master class in dance education, teaching and performance.

Most learning companies today offer online educational experiences, in effect, including a useful school and a learning resource that extends into other parts of the ecosystem. You can look at this with two different results. The first is that the company can essentially become a whole new school, just like a different school of dance, or of music, or of geography. This can be the primary economic response. The first school can become a government body (education ministry) or a school of humanities or of languages or of theology or of fine arts.

It will be integrated, not separate. This means a facility to exchange information. You may be worried that no schooling, no online learning management system (OLMIS), will ever arise if no schools appear in Google. Those concerned seem to have little grasp of today’s internet-connected setting and the possibilities for taking advantage of these possibilities. Learning is like a nervous system, the same applies to an OLMIS, a combination of educator and educationist and the individual who experiences it. The online training companies—and this is not about Google Education—are filling one bit of this organization. These companies need to provide tools and information to help their clients get in the best possible direction.

For instance, you can learn more about the most suitable learner situation for teaching them and about where you can provide a workshop—so that you, too, can pass on what you’ve learned. Another option is to disseminate resources for all educational regions in terms of what you’ve learned so that what you’ve learned is in place where learning takes place. If you’re the person who can answer, give and exchange information, and do so in every conceivable education setting, one would say that you’re on the path to your employer, your clients and, best of all, your students. All are in the spaces you are creating.

Eventually, you may find yourselves a separate school of modern dance or modern culture, and something will give about a standard where you will regularly offer performance classes to potential students and advance students. If you are able to acquire some kind of institutional function, a way of affecting government on a wider level or basic civic tasks, then you are well on your way.

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