How To Creat A Virtual Learning Management System In Sharepoint Online Businnes Premium

With Google, MS Office 365, and Outlook already being used for learning management, consider these 3 Sharepoint Online Business Edition starting points.

I recently wrote about Microsoft Sharepoint and how enterprises are using it to supplement email and other internet services. I want to help simplify things here and offer an education in how you can create your own private education platform.

How You Use Sharepoint

Remember when people created websites and you used Word and a browser to create your own website? It was special and unique and even a bit fancy. Today, we are used to creating a few lines of code to jump off of a website and send it off into the web or for social media. The reason this system does not have instant recognition is because most of us, myself included, are cutting and pasting. This site represents me, but it could have been re-written by others by just pasting and pasting. By the time the content is imported, it might be all over the internet. That being said, sharing is something that we all love. The beauty of Sharepoint is it is static. This way you can share content, like photos, your favorite videos, personal content, and much more, instantly anywhere in the world. Imagine if you could share content on a Facebook post without creating a Facebook post.

What I Wants A Sharepoint Platform To Offer

I have some ideas here. The first goal is to create a virtual learning management system. To do this, you need a company that has the luxury of getting an on-premise solution without converting to a cloud solution. The next goal is to create a private platform for only your users, with the sole purpose of learning and future learning. I have had a few discussions with an individual who knows the market inside and out, and that is where I have built this presentation.

Why Sharepoint?

I remember visiting with an IT leader at one of my former clients, and I asked him, “What is your preference in a SaaS or a hyper-scale service like Office 365?” He responded, “I prefer the Hyper-Scale model over the SaaS because of the ability to own and control the assets under your application.” As I keep reading and digging deeper into the community here, the answer has been overwhelmingly apparent – the focus is on the “private cloud” model. IT leaders across the board are stressed on the ability to control and invest in assets, and that will mean less strain on the cost of maintaining and implementing.

With the Hyper-Scale model, the solution is not designed to scale. It does not have elasticity, and as the solution matures, it can be planned to become more and more complex. This current iteration of Sharepoint is designed to be the foundation for business applications. That means that there is a privacy element and a control element.

What You Need to Do

I went into the presentation with one goal: to educate the audience about the ability to create a private learning and assessment platform using Sharepoint Online, and giving an overview of the technology, and help create the situation in which students and teachers can come together into a learning community and live learning environment. It is a conversation that can help you set up a learning management system with any level of technology, so my goal is to connect with you to see if you are ready to go and get started on getting your business going with a learning management system.

I encourage you to watch the video and see what I found. As a point of reference, I have created an Excel Work-in-Progress that illustrates my goal and begins to make it a reality.

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