How to Clean Leather Furniture

Let’s face it, leather furniture needs plenty of polishing to preserve its taste and hold up against wear and tear, which will inevitably happen sooner or later. Here’s the three basic steps to follow in restoring a leather chair, couch, or bed to its old form.

How to Clean Leather Furniture

While leather can look beautiful on the regular, the most stunning piece of leather furniture is probably one that’s been treated with a polishing or polishing wax. And despite it looking like it’s brand new, leather furniture should be treated just like traditional wood furniture: fairly gently.

We spoke with Jeffrey Garber, general manager of Ragsdale Leather, about how to clean leather furniture and how to revive it.

1. Clean

Instead of using an abrasive, wax on leather, use a water and steam or soft cloth to remove anything from scratches to insect damage. Parachute Tools also has a budget-friendly tool that uses soft towels and natural oils to remove stains and grime.

2. Spray

Place an empty spray bottle on the surface you need to be cleaned. Waxing spray (a spray with a thin layer of wax) can help to seal in the polish.

3. Vacuum

To help prevent perspiration, vacuum or mop with a small sponge or rag. In rough textures, use a paint brush to scrape the surface of your leather furniture.

4. Moisture

Shower in a slightly humid room. Wet your workspace and then finish by dipping a paper towel in warm water. Shake and scrub.

5. Remove Tack

When scraping and scrubbing, always make sure to remove the tack entirely. The tack will cause bacteria to grow faster, which will cause more soot to collect and more stains to bleed.

6. Oil

Rub a small amount of a vegetable or seed oil into the leather’s surface, depending on the leather’s color and style. A great blend for your leather furniture is Baum Organic Olive Oil. You can also apply a drop of bicarbonate of soda.

7. Tape

To add a custom touch, use a pinstripe or diagonal tape to mark and maintain a clean scratch.

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