How To Choose The Right Environment For Online Learning

Search for the perfect place for digital learning. Christine Hollen, Consultant at Consero, explains how you can leverage technology and programmatic channels to attract and reach potential students online.

Online learning is here to stay, but choosing the right environment can save you thousands of dollars, hours of classroom time, and yes, even maybe even money for a job. Because some people like a traditional classroom, others might prefer a sandbox that feels like a real-life playground, while others might want to take everything they’re learning, learn it all over again, and learn it all over again, in an exciting, safe environment. There’s no wrong way to learn online, but experts at have a few top tips to help you choose a good environment for your online learning.

1. Choose an Activity That’s Just Right

Since most people are used to learning in a classroom or on a whiteboard or on a computer, that’s probably where they’ll start. However, with what content you’re learning and how you’re learning it, a better environment is needed. Your classroom might consist of students who are learning critical thinking in STEM fields or who are learning languages or business. There might be a robotics or startup class on the same floor, or somewhere in between.

Here’s where the better environment comes in. “The place you start with will depend on the type of learning you are doing and the kind of content that you are interested in,” says Jessica Hunneman, Executive Director at “If you are learning storytelling, learning stats in math, or learning one type of content in a virtual environment, you should look for rooms where there is a mix of electronics and traditional textbooks.”

Choosing an environment with interesting, educational options, such as a room full of robotics built by students, an indoor aquatics room, a science lab where kids can build and experiment with indoor plants, or just another comfortable room for quiet study, will really make the difference between how much you actually learn in the classroom, and how you feel when you leave.

2. Take a Virtual Class and Only Take a Virtual Class

Many people don’t realize that there are a lot of different types of virtual courses on the market these days. First, there are online courses where you actually go to the same classroom where they are taking your class. Second, there are courses that are delivered over the internet where you can still take notes or have someone chat with you on the phone when you need to take a step back and analyze information.

If you’re not sure what you want to do and you want to try something out without enrolling in a specific class, then take a virtual class. You’ll learn a lot, because even though the class may be only “virtual,” there’s all this little action happening behind the scenes that you can learn from. It’s a step in the right direction, even if the class doesn’t seem like it will be the right one for you.

3. Have a Purpose

It’s important that you find a good place where you’ll be able to spend most of your time and most of your learning time. Not all online learning environments are created equal, and having a purpose is the key to knowing which is the best. Classes are pretty open to the public, and they’re often non-specific. Some include a range of topics, while others focus only on a few, so that you can’t just go to any online course and follow along. For example, if the classes cover gardening and hiking, for example, you might feel best going to a classroom where you know that everyone will be able to go and bring in gardening tools. A visual product shop will give you a wide range of products to buy, whether you’re learning to fabricate, design, or customize something yourself.

Take the time to find your purpose and to find a different type of classroom that will highlight it the best for you.

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