How To Cheat Online Portion For Blended Learning American Red Cross

“Bringing a spring back to my step” is the latest American Red Cross fitness video collaboration with Kexxa. Helping prevent childhood cancer, the video features former Tough Mudder competitor Joe Fitzmanus, American Red Cross Educator Natasha Dries, Kexxa’s Co-Founder and President, Brandon Keith, and Nutrition Coach Stacy Podany.

How To Cheat Online Portion For Blended Learning American Red Cross

There’s not much upper class American’s parents can teach their kids about being smart. For them, it’s typically about having the right grades in school and spending time getting all the active curricula into students. Their online schooling is often focused on skills they can transfer into the real world. However, the way we’re raising our kids today has flipped the script—as most of us can relate to, the digital age is all about abundance. Kids have easy access to more food and instant nutrition; but, in addition to being more acquainted with abundance, they have access to unique experiences that may not be attainable otherwise.

Learning through Immediate Exposure

Classrooms and traditional life is a long and drawn out process—which can be worrisome for those who aren’t immediately exposed to social opportunities. The challenges that go along with school are what millions of parents worry about every day. Finding time to learn are problems worth noting, and parents shouldn’t allow their child a way out.

Thankfully, there are all sorts of ways to affordably teach kids how to have more abundant experiences. Out-of-the-box learning is something families from all walks of life need to learn from. It helps when that learning is specific and applicable to their personal life experiences. When learning is frequent, it’s quite effective—which means that we see kids develop responses to challenge and discover how to adapt to their surroundings and learn to survive—and learn to make new friends.

Case In Point: When Giving my 5-year-old a digital education, she understood how to think about logistics like fitting classes in her busy schedule. She had fun experimenting with inventing a new platform for her classroom that would allow us to view new platforms they could use to create content. She made the most of this opportunity to “play” in her subject and realized how valuable it is to remain engaged in something that pushes her outside her comfort zone.

Making Her Mind Smarter

A good education is actually an opportunity to learn how to make your mind smarter by putting more weight in the right areas. By exposing students to the right mindsets, families become better equipped to help their children make better and smarter decisions.

Smart brains and brains that can think more critically are what are often called as the “think tank” people often talk about. This is the necessary skill-set that will help a person become a successful entrepreneur, a creative, or an early morning entrepreneur. Being curious, considering situations and actions, solving problems and being involved in people-centered work is one of the most important skills a child can learn. From there, the thought of forming partnerships or collaborating with others later on down the road is not a stretch.

Children also learn how to think creatively. This isn’t just for marketing opportunities either. When facing a problem, creative solutions will allow you to find creative answers. My daughter, after trying the first few times with a fun app, came up with an interesting solution to help us better present our skills at the dinner table. This was at a school event where the challenge to eat dishes that were hand-picked for their skills—telling you where it came from, but all very interesting and visual. The situation helped put our knowledge in perspective to her eyes, to make them realize we aren’t just giving them information but also helping give them a sense of ownership and caring.

The Don’t Compare Program

Parenting in the digital age is about finding unique ways to facilitate the development of your kids. This way, your child can grow into their full potential and learn to become the leader they know they’ll become.

As you connect more and more with their digital educational experiences, you’ll find it easier to help them discover resources that they will need down the road—to choose the subjects they’ll find the most enjoyable and relevant, and connect with them in an environment that fosters their leadership skills.

To give your child more abundant opportunities to learn online, you need to limit the amount of time spent in front of screens. Technology is connected to learning, but it can also lock you out of opportunities, just like that broken flip phone.

In online learning, it’s imperative to connect and make connections with the people around you. The more you grow, the more fun and rewarding it’ll be to open new doors and explore adventures.

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