How To Cheat Online Portion For Blended Learning American Red Cross

American Red Cross and Bay Area Living Podcast focus on Blended Learning, a curriculum from Haas School of Business and University of California, Berkeley.

We’ve all heard the term “Blended Learning” a time or two. Simply put, there are several different models that are increasingly popular, most notably “Blended Learning” is very popular in the world of higher education. You just may have already encountered it, and if not, then go watch this conversation between DeWayne Bradford, the former Executive Vice President of the American Red Cross, and Thomas Zanmiller, the Chief Learning and Development Officer of Texas A&M University. The two joined together in 2011 to form a partnership to bring 3-4-year degrees to Texas A&M. We can see the success. While they are already a flagship program of the university, now, in their fourth year, there is a newer program they started in 2016, which utilizes technology to help students find a career in a sector with strong data in demand, since emergency medical technicians are needed in every major metropolitan area in the world.

So how do you do it? How do you sneak in blended learning into your small class? As Lindsay M. said, “I choose students that I truly feel have the skills, personality, and talents that I want in the classroom as opposed to those students that I think will fit better in an Advanced Placement class.” Think about it in a practical way: you teach many different students the same lesson and ultimately you achieve a higher learning in time. Your personal touch and the ability to constantly adapt to the changing landscape of your trade and field is what creates more productivity and value out of your business.

What about this student? She’s a nice cookie, right? And a special cookie when you need it. But do you teach the whole cookie? You might teach the fun, sweet stuff and only the sweet stuff. You should be teaching the fullest portion of that cookie. Not everybody has the ability or desire to excel in every activity and sport. That’s OK. In fact, it’s what makes them valuable. Have you ever noticed that a regular job is not necessarily a salary for your full contribution, but that your earnings increase substantially when you reach a higher level of employment? Not to mention that learning jobs is probably the key to personal well-being. It’s what you do not accomplish in your spare time that’s more valuable. I am a very simple person: I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, so whenever I needed to attend a fancy downtown college with fancy food in very fancy restaurants, I was forced to study. It was fascinating.

So that’s why I focused on the cherry blossom spring equinox of 2018. Let’s take a look at the program we’re about to cover, shall we? I found an article in the International Herald Tribune that was about a career counselor called TopAuctionU, a practical and accessible solution for a younger student who was getting involved in arts and theater. That’s why I suggested developing some sort of process that puts those students on a career track and equips them with the necessary pieces to make them employable in your profession. Then, you let them loose with a high-impact project that will help them sharpen their craft. But first, there are some homework assignments that they will need to finish beforehand. Then, they will all be committed to a remote classroom together—and that’s how they learn together in a small group without having to learn from a seminar instructor or by watching videos alone. We have moved to a new field, but we are not supposed to stop caring about the skill sets and preferred lifestyle of people who are our neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

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