How To Cheat On Carnegie Learning Online

High-quality is key when it comes to assessing education.  The largest test-prep company in the world brings a slew of complaints.

That same Monday on which I wrote last week about Penguin in favor of Bridge to Nowhere and APOFA in favor of LearnBoost, readers seemed to be looking for other ways to figure out how to cheat on a fee-based, usually heavily automated education supplement system.

One reader, named John offered this suggestion:

“Be creative and do everything for yourself (read a book, make a DVD, etc.), and compete in spelling bees, quizzes, etc. I have never cheated on a LearnBoost quiz, because I find it incredibly annoying. After going to the online tutorials, I wish I had prepared the skills needed before entering the testing environment.”

I thought this an intriguing idea, so I decided to investigate a little more. For those of you unfamiliar with LearnBoost, they are a subscription service offered as a service either online or via in-person tutoring. For $1.50 per month you can score at least 6 points. You’re never told if you will reach a particular score of 6 or get a better score. For that amount you do get access to a range of free resources, who knows, possibly better resources than your competitors, but as far as the in-person assistance or tutoring goes, you’re working with a bit of a cheat code there.

I figured now would be a good time to check in with their customer service, which is 90% online. Here’s what they said when I emailed them about how a teacher could solve this:

“We’d love to see that skill, but it’s not currently available. To be honest, we weren’t even thinking about it back then.”

It’s true, they weren’t thinking about it back then, but I find that intellectually lazy argument a little hard to swallow. A coach that has already thought of something pretty straightforward, and wanted to know what I was thinking so I didn’t cheat in the future, how does that prove it was never thought of before?

For those of you who don’t have kids in school, why would you even bother? Your dad might like to hear that you got into the right school and weren’t “nicking some points” to get in. The truth is we all get a little caught up in the process, and to move past the cheating motivation there must be a better way.

Spencer answers a question about a cheating by The Waxy Podcast.

I highly doubt this will fly in schools, and yet many experts feel that a lot of parents who are teachers are cheating their kids out of school in some form or fashion. If you can beat the fee-based system, you can equip yourself with a product that goes beyond just the need for school.

When asked about their customer service regarding working on programs from the books, they said this:

“For products like Simplify My School, a kids book, we have probably added more personal teacher interaction, which is definitely essential for learning outcomes. It’s also important to note that we have offered many freebies that we would never charge a parent for. One example of this is a Kids literacy program that enables kids to share their views with a school counselor so they can turn problems into opportunities in the classroom. We also offer an outstanding digital tutor to help parents work with their kids, so that they can teach them the skills they need to succeed.”

They have finally answered a question I have been asking for years on such a cheating issue. They are a subscription service. Your chances of cheating are quite low with LearnBoost. That said, they are either way behind on these techie programs you are going to use in your school, or they aren’t thinking of some of these cheating solutions in the first place. Either way, I’m glad I did some digging, because I can say that while I’ve had success with this system, other people haven’t.

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