How To Calculate Online Learning Regret

Learning about new strategies on top-selling ebooks is easier than finding a better route. Here’s how to calculate online learning regret.

How To Calculate Online Learning Regret

Doing homework from school is scary. Don’t feel bad, it’s probably true. If you’re fearful of homework, don’t feel alone. There’s a lot to be scared of—history homework for example. For the brave and confident, finding a personal tutor can be intimidating, but most do not end up regretting a single one of their classes.

Google Surveys, According to Google

65% of college students in Google’s recent survey said the first cause of not completing homework was because they were “too busy.” (And 55% said that it was because they were lazy.)

That sounds like a typical college excuse, but probably not. College classes are 9-5, for a reason. Home truths aren’t necessarily truths at school.

But let’s say it’s true. Is that a good excuse? Just the thought of a workload while studying is enough to send your mind spiraling. Maybe there are breaks, but more often, there aren’t.

Other estimates were considerably higher: 75% of students also said that “too many people” interfered with their homework. Maybe that’s true; especially when you’re part of a lot of people.

Then there’s how people gave up altogether: 28% didn’t finish their homework at all, while 19% said they didn’t do enough. Maybe that’s true; it certainly seems as if people either didn’t have enough time to learn, or there weren’t enough electives available.

Need a tutor?

Do your homework right! But if you skip the start time of the assignment, or fail to complete it at all, then your fears are founded.

By working, you will learn. Work off your worries. And do your homework better.

If you need a tutor, then go get one! Find one online, or read about one at your local library. You’ll learn the skills you need to further your studies. If you lack time, then you just need to be more organized, or make time for small portions of your schedule.

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