How To Build Online Learning Courses

Do you have children or grandchildren? One day, they could be on Facebook learning and exploring.

The content within a digital platform is carefully built to serve specific needs. Most online courses aim to be engaging and engaging on the whole. As a result, they should both be engaging for the learner and form a great educational experience for teachers.

Common learning strengths and weaknesses, however, have long overshadowed the success of many online courses. Today’s best online courses boast immersive and interactive learning experiences. Yet many of these ed-tech offerings falter as they don’t adequately support learning gains on the part of instructors and their students. Take, for example, a typical PowerPoint presentation: it doesn’t lend itself well to interactive elements that can enhance learning. I know this because I have taught online courses on many different platforms.

To be successful with your online learning courses, you need to ask a few good questions.

How Can I Bring Empathy Into My Teaching?

Teaching is a challenging art, but it should never get old. Education majors should invest in a good teacher training program, but if you’re on your own, you may want to brainstorm and brainstorm some things you’d love to incorporate into your teaching (some of which I will talk about below).

One lesson that has been useful for me is adding in examples from my own academic careers (I usually write essays about these experiences). The trick is in framing the material in the most effective way possible, and most classes are poorly structured. So, every effort should be made to add these dimensions to your lessons.

How Can I Balance Inspiration and Control?

Education is a very interactive experience, so bring that to your online course. A good course features a variety of different learning experiences that are designed to work together.

For instance, one teacher presentation might ask the audience to create a diagram of the university in which they studied, with a design or purpose statement underneath. The same professor might then run a multiple choice test on that diagram. The final analysis, with shared assessments, might then be shared with the rest of the class.

Be aware of the growing features of interactive avatars on most platforms. Also remember that the pictures you have on your own classroom walls may be captured in multiple forms for students to use. One of my favorite applications, Vocabulary Sensory Ease (VS.E.), gives educators ways to create “bad-ass” avatars. Moreover, Vespa includes special incentives and rewards (as well as games) for the most creative contributors and users.

(Bonus: Explore some upcoming education platforms, like Forman Battlepack, PeerFighter, and Intuit EdConnections, in the free Education Channel)

How Can I Affordably Provide Lectures and Videos?

Online courses have a lower admission cost and a low debt-to-earnings ratio than textbooks, tuition, and the like. The challenge for educators is, however, to ensure you are giving lectures that are engaging and engaging to students for a reason. In the end, do not give a lecture you wouldn’t want your audience to have to take your class. They should be more engaging than the blank pages in a hardcover book.

I’ve begun learning some of these things from Ithaca College in the Smarter Access to the Internet and Technology (SAIT) program. I’m doing this because I want to bring education to a wider audience and, eventually, so I can go back to being a professor. So far, it has been challenging and fun. We recently rolled out a fact-based media science course that has students learning about NASA, astrophysics, and science video games, like STEMitics.

Please make yourself known to the 1-2-3 school district leaders by reaching out to them about school options.

No matter where you teach, I hope this will lead to a fruitful online learning experience, and I look forward to reading about your experiences!

Michael Rackley is a coach who helps individuals and corporations optimize their online learning and enhance their retention of content.

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