How To Best Online Learning Platform For Python Reddit

Setting up to learn a code language requires getting trained in technical lectures. Here is an integrated platform that guides you throughout the progress.

You are of course welcome to take any of the learning courses provided by Amazon on any of the platforms below, or I will also include a comment about my personal experience taking the Amazon Learning Through Code Bootcamp—you know, that the “learn how to code” course.

Instructor Certification & Sites

Attend this week’s GitHub Community Hackathon in New York City so look out for training and other bookmarks. Remember, Amazon for teaching through code. These are the three sites I follow the most:

Good Code: These beginners programs are almost immediate with tutorials, scripts, and games, as well as actual hours of instruction in Python with guidance by an experienced and credentialed instructor. Is there a color code on the screen? Check the box. Also, if you want the truly customized learning, check the code project and topic pages for the detailed tutorials you will need to progress.

GitHub Complete Code Kit: LearnPython with GitHub expertise and get a core kit that you can easily install onto your environment to continue the learning, or simply keep it yourself in your free time. Two additional development kits were added to this free package for free, which make it very powerful: Flexible Programming and Combinator Code.

LearnByDesign: Founded by a former Yahoo Googler and Microsoft Sidewalk Engineer, this site provides three instructors who have extensive experience teaching Python, and they also provide materials that can be shared across their system, making it easy to keep your learning fresh. In addition, these days they provide a rewards program that offers $3,000 in scholarships for the top Python developers and designers at the company. For the last five years, over 500 people have received scholarships and it looks like one will be getting it soon, so check your Slack channel to see if you applied!

Amazon Learning Through Code

On launch, the course offering from Amazon Learning Through Code was not as complete as the ones above, and there was no scholarships. In time, though, they have been working to include more scholarships. In a nutshell, these courses, (other than the 99-cent course, which is a beginner’s version of the very popular bootcamp), are designed to teach all the basics that you need for relatively little money.

The lesson descriptions here are brief and to the point. I found this course to be very casual, fun, and structured to provide very good training. They include six classes and 25 videos in the package.

Amazon Learning Through Code: A Beginner’s Python Bootcamp

The class, called “Introduction to Python: Amazon Learn Through Code,” starts off with twelve minutes of intro to Python. My instructor, Ana Dumala, also covered the basics of Python on her own website. The most helpful sections in this bootcamp are the sections on Python Revising and breaking things down and also tutorials that explain how to organize your tasks, figure out your workflow, and more.

The actual courses are written by Amazon employees and are short, simple, and to the point, and provides clear instructions.

Managing projects and learning new skills is a long process, so I wish Amazon would provide more ways to continue working on projects outside of the class to get an outside perspective. Plus, I wish there was a dedicated section for visualizing your work, with tutorials for jotting down specific concepts that lead to items, grabbing symbols, and more. Some quick pointers: label everything your working on with a title, group things by their task, and highlight your projects.


As the years go by, I will continue to monitor these sites and my fellow DIY Python developers in this area as I learn new skills and experience old ones. At the very least, I want to feel like I have the best, most comprehensive course library in the world—and I sure have.

Disclaimer: The author does not get paid by other Amazon (or any other) companies (that I know of) to write this. In fact, she’s an Amazon Prime member.

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