How To Apply Learning License Online In Bangalore

Our friends at Wayra India share a helpful hack that can make it easier to apply for the Learning License.

Life isn’t always easy, especially for those who suffer from high levels of learning disability and autism (LD). In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day on November 10, we present 6 tips to help you get around your learning disability like a pro in Bangalore.

1. Know where you stand in online learning

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the seemingly endless number of online courses that are being taught to us. Many of these online courses can be accessed by typing in the name of the name of the provider and the subject you are looking for.

Perhaps the major problem is that most of the people offering online learning courses don’t understand learning disability or autism and are unaware that the learning disabilities are not just restricted to individuals who are normally confined in special educational facilities.

In some cases, they are very active participants in the subject and have a particular affinity for it and have taken on teaching. If you take these guidelines into consideration, it will help you make a simple way of procuring relevant information in how to find the right course and the appropriate learning provider in Bangalore, India.

2. Know which topics to choose

While certain subjects tend to be more popular due to their apparent ‘coolness factor’ than other subjects, it is equally common for some of the subjects that are not so widely advertised and discoverable to be very popular with students with LD. Some subjects, particularly math, history, and science, are much more accessible to learning disabilities when compared to others.

For example, a mathematics course may often take up an entire semester for some of our students, but there is no noticeable dropout rate compared to a more popular subjects. If you are a current college student who is looking for a career course that will create future employment opportunities, it is worth looking for a particular subject that is likely to be implemented right into the resume.

3. If you need specific certification, may we suggest TADA?

If you require a particular certification in a specific field, there are many opportunities available. For example, as an undergraduate student who has passed all required courses, there is a need for a professional qualification as a certified engineer. Online courses, courses delivered through telecommuting, and courses available on forte learners programs create opportunities for experts to offer certificates, qualifications, and other expertise that it will take a certain amount of skill, work, and time to obtain.

Also, experts do not wish to disappoint students with learning disabilities and autism, as they realize the initial learning curve may be challenging. They may create courses which could result in more tools and knowledge in a specific area than is required in one course. This could be facilitated through online learning or online course catalogs. There are online courses which may be more accessible due to their lower cost. However, the volume of courses which are available online is less and there is more certification often required to complete course work.

4. Talk to non-IT professionals for help

Before you start to search online for accredited courses that could be applicable to you, there are some professionals that you can seek out or refer to for help. It is always possible to get good help from a professional who is not employed with the education system. They might be professionals with disabilities themselves or they might be non-government organizations.

If you need special assistance, they may be able to guide you through the different options in the field. The problem is that people with disabilities often feel different and a little shy while interacting with others, so if you think they may not be comfortable, then please guide them correctly.

5. Take a field trip with an expert

All children with LD love to learn new things and have different hobbies. A good test is to go for a field trip with an expert educator. They will help guide you around the online course that you are looking for. Also, if you have questions for them and if they can assist you with your questions, that is even better. Talk to them directly and get clarification. They may be able to suggest other sites that are not available online. This may be very helpful for those children who like to read or have a tendency to watch videos.

6. Form a team

Finally, be open to forming a team of people from various professional backgrounds. These might include teachers, tutors, therapists, college students, and students’ parents, siblings, and all of the above. The people that form this team will make sure that they have the necessary support and understanding when it comes to the specific options. They will help to provide an effective support network that can help the user achieve the desired learning trajectory.

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