How To Add Students To The Behrnan House Online Learning Cents

Help keep your kids safe and give them a head start in learning by enrolling them in the Behrnan House online learning centers.

How To Add Students To The Behrnan House Online Learning Cents

“Every week, Behrnan House tests new lesson ideas in the design lab using their new online learning materials. We then choose the class designs and videos to follow.”

In less than a week, the Behrnan House (HB) has risen to the top of Scholarship Hub’s online learning dollars tabulation. Right now, HB’s $6,614 in new online learning dollars is the highest among all of our nationwide affiliate Schools of Digital Media & Design.

We are still in the early days of our new online learning business model. So we’ve only just begun to give teachers the full scope of what will be available online within the first year of launch. As more classes are converted to online, the efficiency of the business model will continue to evolve.

Working in a newer model of course development, we can rapidly and efficiently take classroom-based learning into the online space with trusted tools and teaching materials. This not only saves an average of $19k to $25k per class during our first year of operation, but has many immediate benefits to teachers.

For teachers wanting to take their classroom learning into the online space, here are a few suggestions for using the lessons to build their online class experience.

1. Connect for your live class

HB has many resources that teachers can reference while building a live class. A few of our online course materials include lectures, lesson plans, quizzes, lecture notes, and other parts of the syllabus that will help teachers seamlessly transition into their online classes.

2. Collaborate with your students

Teachers can use the live class tool to interact with students during class discussions and assignments. HB has recently began to include live audio and video chats in their classroom activities. Classes that include these features are greatly improved because teachers can deliver real-time feedback with additional context on points made during class discussion.

3. Collaborate with the students to create guest blog posts

HB has always offered these online opportunities for students to post their own feedback on class material and blog posts. Now with the advent of YouTube Live sessions and the increased availability of video called Remixes, HB has even more opportunities for collaboration.

4. Use HB’s eBooks as further guest blog posts

HB has thousands of eBooks in their library available to download to use as guest blog posts. We find that students like to use eBooks to share their learning experiences with others in their community. Students love to turn their textbooks into guest blogs and HB is a great place to start!

5. Create a classroom discussion to build out the questions that teachers might need to answer in their blog posts

By creating a classroom discussion that involves the class, teachers can review the eBooks in terms of important questions they might have before they can actually answer the questions in their guest blog posts.

6. Check out the latest YouTube tutorials and guest teacher features on HB

You can find the latest YouTube tutorials at HB’s YouTube hub. As a teacher you can also see what guest teachers have to say on YouTube.

7. Explore the suite of Behrnan offerings.

HB has a robust suite of new course offerings from a wide variety of subject areas and tested teaching methods. Teachers also enjoy the fresh teaching tools available in this online space.

Bringing online learning to your classroom is the next big step for Behrnan. We are investing in the future of education at Behrnan and always looking for ways to further support teachers in their efforts to bring meaningful educational tools into the classroom.

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