How To Add Students To The Behrnan House Online Learning Center

When a high school starts online and you can’t get into the school, they make students go to school in other cities and countries to complete their senior year or even offer them a full year out. There is a reputation of online education that’s not always positive, in my opinion.

How To Add Students To The Behrnan House Online Learning Center

If you’re looking to see if you fit the mold for the CMO of Behrnan’s University Online, here are some steps to take.


While the college offers a structured online education program for CMO’s worldwide, with training that includes (but isn’t limited to) social media, video interviewing, interviewing for STEM grants, and understanding brand strategy, there’s an additional dimension. Each of the learning modules, in Behrnan’s online curriculum, take place in person at one of the Behrnan offices.

As Behrnan explains in a How-To Online Learning Experience for CMO’s ,

You are an online CMO, and if you’re unfamiliar with the Behrnan way, you are probably in a situation where you just can’t attend online education programs. Online courses are becoming increasingly popular due to the incorporation of videoconferencing with your online team. While there are certainly advantages to attending online education programs, there’s an even greater power to take that material, as best practice and modern verbiage, and share it.

While some work best when live, there are many advantages to building your online learning program online. It’s not only more productive for your time and money, but it’s also faster, which means less time on the road traveling and more time focusing on your business’ business.


Some people find that going online doesn’t quite have the same vibe as in-person learning.

The online environment can make you feel disconnected from your peers, because, to some extent, your peers feel even more disconnected from their peers when they’re online. When you’re spending six to eight hours a day together each week, it can be difficult to be seen to be following online education rules, or to even feel like a smart enough person to participate in online discussions.

Just take time to establish the academic tone for each class. With online learning programs, you can also get a “real-world” feel for the content when you’re picking which classes to take, since you’ll be speaking to and interacting with other students. This gives you a better indication of the ways you can relate to each other online and better prepare you to face your peers offline, as well.


In order to have a successful online program, it’s important to avoid some of the limitations for certain groups of people. Take the example of people who are pregnant. Early in the pregnancy, the body will not properly produce enough milk. And until then, it’s not physically viable to have high-intensity activities like online learning. But the way you relate to students online, and their reactions, shows how you connect with your peers. So while this challenge exists, with offline classes you can help create content to gain their attention and connect with them.

However, some schools have specific limits. While CMO’s University Online currently offers nine different online colleges, business and marketing education tends to require that you actually go to the school in person. There’s a good chance that your company is asking you to be invested in the student experience, so put yourself in the middle of the conversation (and make sure your interaction is with people who actually work for your organization).

General Guidelines

Having an online education program, at some point, isn’t unusual for a CMO who is a student himself or herself. Each online course is well structured, with good learning tools.

However, as part of your online learning experience, make sure that you don’t take shortcuts like asking students and faculty to grade your work yourself, (this means dealing with people you may know, at some point). It can be a great learning experience, but also, it’s not the best way to learn.

CMO’s University Online lets you learn from other people online, but it also teaches you about what your company and your team needs to do to support the online learning experience.

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