How To Add Students To The Behrman House Online Learning Center

Having a student in the house with you is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great way to learn more about business.

How To Add Students To The Behrman House Online Learning Center

On Behrman House, students can study and work together online and from anywhere at any time. Here’s how to create your online learning style.

Online learning is on the rise. It’s opened up opportunities for students and teachers alike. Be it in school or at work, students often have the ability to take advantage of any type of learning environment and have their needs met, including an online one. As a result, it’s important to use tools that allow students to focus on what they’re interested in.

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is the process of using technology to reach a classroom within the computer. It is crucial to note that the use of any type of technology in the classroom can have the potential to shut down the classroom experience by making it too easy to type in responses rather than watching a teacher answer questions.

Focusing on connecting students in the most authentic way is the main reason for which online learning is so unique. Rather than real life experiences, online learning sets up an authentic understanding of the students. This enables the instructor to deliver messages students will ultimately remember. These authentic moments produce emotions that can stimulate learning.

Learning to Focus on Success

It’s important to look at what makes teaching online different from traditional classrooms. To keep students focused, online learning requires someone to be at the center of every interaction. Anyone must be available to students and make sure they know how to think and develop effective learning strategies.

Using content created by the students themselves can provide a breakthrough moment of empathy for them. As students make adjustments on their own, it can trigger organic learning that the instructor might not have the tools to provide. For example, if a student did not attend their own breakfast, they’ll automatically think more critically. Online learning provides the opportunity for every student to add their unique perspectives to the classroom, something that is difficult to replicate in a classroom.

Student-Centered Instruction

Online learning allows students to gain an understanding of themselves. Usually it’s possible for teachers to insert creative ways to make students active in their learning. However, students do not have the opportunity to develop their own learning habits. This is something online learning enables students to do.

Rather than each having their own perception of what success looks like, students can quickly identify when they are making progress. Furthermore, students can share their thoughts with each other, as opposed to just their teacher, making learning more enjoyable and personal.

Reinforcing Personal Skills

One aspect of teaching online is using the tools to encourage students to follow through on completing tasks on time and applying lessons to real life situations. This means that everyone should know what personal strengths and weaknesses they have before starting the term. On Behrman House, students set up a portfolio so they can represent their work, which ultimately provides the opportunity for the instructors to connect with them at a deeper level.


In teaching online, students have the opportunity to transfer skills from the board to the real world. The online learning environment allows students to learn how to run their school, often in ways that are much more elaborate than traditional classrooms. Rather than picking out labels to make the books, students can customize a few more labels and change them on the fly to fit the tasks. This gives students the opportunity to start their work with an unlimited potential.


Beyond giving students the opportunity to develop their strengths, the classroom environment can also provide students with the ability to apply their experiences to real-life scenarios. What one student has done well and learns can then be replicated or improved to better fit another need. Because instructors are there to support, they can ask students difficult questions that can help them develop better language skills or serve as a reminder to avoid hitting their own head on the wall.

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