How To Add Picture To Unreal Online Learning

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Online learning apps are making learning more efficient and convenient, but they need a visual aid that mimics the more intuitive school. Furthermore, students sometimes struggle to understand what the app is designed to do for them, and don’t understand the general concept and concepts, so making this happen is key.


When trying to find a way to create a similar experience in your student’s online environment, there is one simple yet effective recipe: Come up with a game.

A game is a fun, engaging, and informative way to engage with your students. Gaming applications aim to inspire learning and create a sense of accomplishment, while remaining functional and easy to use. Even the most basic gaming experience can be expanded to include different learning-based activities.

It’s easy to assign a game to a project, then if the students complete their work, you can clearly see what they learned and have some fun together. Such games allow you to show/share new ways your students can learn and gain concepts.

Moreover, creating a game is much cheaper and more successful than recruiting or hiring a teaching assistant. Plus, videos are only available in the app, so there’s no physical design to install. So, make sure your game is interactive and has a variable goal system, so that the students have some fun while learning how to use the application.

You can explain your game design to your student by showing them a video beforehand. Ask them to describe their questions, and then adapt your game design based on their answers.


Layout matters; just check the layout of any game in the iTunes store. There are no wrong or right images; everything should be organically arranged to show and show what the application is really about.

The layout should complement the game’s purpose. The more compelling the game is, the more meaningful the design is to the students.

The game’s map should also not be centered on the application. Rather, it should be as expansive as possible, so that you don’t reduce the program to a static image.

Art and animations

The main differentiator between games that are basic and innovative is the use of animation and artwork. Yes, in general, players do not care about animations, but it’s important to keep in mind that almost all students play games. Thus, you need to enhance the immersion of games with engaging visual elements.

Game art is essentially the information required to make the characters entertaining and unique. Therefore, avoid overly simplistic and cartoon-like artwork. Also, always use well-trained artists.

Even though emotions and personal experiences are not as important in games as in real life, making the game different and realistic makes it seem that much more important to your students.

Art is especially important when designing lessons. Sometimes you may be teaching students about abstract ideas, such as, why you visit the moon, and an interactive art project can make it so much easier for them to understand the concept. Also, the interactive nature of games automatically engages students better.

Visual Data Tracks

Sometimes, you just need an animation to say something. As interactive games are increasingly popular, you can keep your students highly engaged by introducing them to some simple animations. However, you can expand your visual tracking with a few visual data tracks, or even with a period song that repeats the information.

These visual data tracks are used to deliver sequential lesson points, but sometimes they also help build a sense of intellectual stimulation and excitement. Students love the experimental nature of game-based learning; if you can bring a little bit of both nature and process, they may actually follow through and stay engaged long enough to actually become competent.

Sensitivity to New Technology

We’re living in a digital age, where it’s hard to remain away from the web or your mobile device. Therefore, there is a big need for a visual aid that allows you to see how a student got through the concept, and it can be done easily, simply, and inexpensively. By the same token, many educational apps were built only for the iPhone, so they’re completely limited to that platform.

However, many new digital platforms have recently emerged, and they can take over the smartphone, tablet, and desktop completely in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you accommodate these platforms in your games so that the students can take full advantage of them.

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